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  1. Yeah, it's the only option besides command-line tools for win7. It's poorly written though, no multi-threading on some parts so it locks up.. I was just correcting some things said here, I'll probably do one of these myself soon with the mentioned elements. It only take like 5 hours top to do tools to automate building AIO packs..
  2. 1. I do not use rt7lite for integrating updates. 2. Not applicable 3. I only include Windows updates (Security and non-Security) and other products in the optional section. As for updates for the products you described above, i do not provide updates for them, and have no plan to do so. 4. What's the point, XP will be no longer supported by MS after April 8th, 2014! 1. someone in your thread said it didn't work.. 2. once again..someone in your thread..hence "Some notes on this thread:" 3. .NET=optional, DEFENDER=critical, Security Essentials=optional 4. Besides legacy hardware with no NT6 drivers and all the people with valid licenses who don't pirate software and can't justify the new investment?
  3. Some notes on this thread: SP1 slipstreams fine with rt7light, the one noted as supporting it. I know I've done it countless times on my RFM images. Although the software doesn't use multi-threading and performs bad(still better than gritty CLI options).. DigitalRiver images are refresh, not install.. This and other managed update lists are missing vital updates(.NET, Defender, Silverlight). While not core, you'll have to install them soon after because most software on windows is using them now.. Someone with the extra time, should do a full one(stuff from #2) like there is for XP SP3. Include security essentials and flash in it too..

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