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  1. I actually created the both the primary VHDs and the differential VHDs through command prompt / diskpart... create vdisk file="v:\base file.vhdx" maximum=40960 type=expandable {apply image, drivers, etc.}attrib +s +h +r "v:\base file.vhdx"create vdisk file="v:\daily use.vhdx" parent="v:\base file.vhdx"create vdisk file="v:\gaming.vhdx" parent="v:\base file.vhdx" (That creates a 40 gig VHDx, located at V: Adjust as desired...) Then I use BCDEdit to add the entries to the boot menu. (I used to use EasyBCD, but it forces UEFI boot into the old fashioned text mode menu.) Hope that c
  2. Thanks for the replies, and Happy Monday! That is a relatively fair assumption. Although, I could also be classified as an overly ambitious tweaker as well... Back when Win 7 was originally released, I jumped straight into running from VHD, before I even tried the OS in a "standard" setup. I have sunk many hours into tweaking Windows to Go, managing to get it up and running off of a VHDx as well, and made quite a snazzy USB drive. (I could boot to-go x86 as well as x64; and had a single Install.WIM for multiple versions of 7 and 8, both x86 and x64.) And then I wiped everything and star
  3. I have a history of jumping into "improvements" to my PC setup without first making sure that they are actually improvements... This time, I thought I would get some outside insight and advice, prior to the actual undertaking... I'll start with my current setup, and then outline the idea that is floating around in my brain. Comments and criticisms are welcome at any point in the process... Currently, I run my system from VHDX, primarily for the differencing, and as a space-saving measure (differencing disks are denoted by indentation level): "Base" vhdx, simply a blank vhdx, with the OS
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