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  1. Origanally this was a 10 partition, 80 gig drive that I believe most of the partitions were NTFS, some possibly not. However, during the destructive install, it did a "Quick" format then installed windows according to a UA CD... With "Active@Undelete", a simple scan produces the new directories created by the UA cd and a few deleted Directories deleted during IT's Install... (C:\Install/ ect) I am unable to see any of the old data thru a quick scan, when i choose "Advanced scan", it freezes up the whole OS about 80% into the scan...at same point each time I'd say... I"m running "GetDataBack for NTFS" now,, cross your fingers
  2. Undelete did not work...H/D freezes the OS halfway thru an advanced scan... OLD files are not ever viewed
  3. This is my first post, after doing a search for "Undelete", etc I'm writing this question My Unattended CD was coming along fine, then when I installed a new serial ATA H/D, the drivers were NOT picked up during the install, the "setup" bypassed my 1st, and 2nd serial H/D and did a fast format and installed on my 8 partition, 80 gig IDE harddrive... After putting this drive in another pc and trying to "View" the deleted folders/partitions, NOTHING old was present. Yes this was Dumb, but over 50 ISO's,MP3's etc are no longer accessable, Any Ideas? I looked online and most "Data Recovery" firms charge by the GIG, and I'd rather not send my H/D thru the mail. I haven't defragged or installed anything but my setup CD (about 2 gigs or less used) This H/D was 80% Full of stuff, How I get it back? After trying "Undelete" (http://www.active-undelete.com/) The H/D Freezes during an Advanced "Scan"... I'm unable to see whats Under the New NTFS install... Any Ideas?

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