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  1. Hi guys. I'm setting up a new vista machine for a friend and have run into an odd problem. While vista was loading for the first time the power cord slipped out of the socket and the computer lost power. I hadn't yet entered my user name or set the time or anything like that. Now when I boot the computer it no longer says "loading vista for the first time," and eventually an error box will pop up saying that there was an error with the installation of windows and the computer must be restarted. Booting into safe mode or the last known good configuration doesn't help. The system doesn't seem to have a recovery partition and of course didn't come with a vista disc. Does anyone have any ideas? I was thinking maybe I could "acquire" a copy of vista and use that to reinstall since I have a valid license. Thanks for your help. EDIT-a couple hours later the disc was found, go figure. All is well, sorry for wasting time.
  2. I may not be understanding your posts completely, but it sounds like a problem I had a while ago. My motherboard also has the nvidia integrated firewall. It worked fine to begin with but then after I updated my chipset drivers anything that tried to access the internet caused a blue screen. What I did to fix it was remove and then reinstall the chipset drivers, and when it asks if you want to install the firewall click no. Hope this helps.
  3. School It could be faster by my dorm is wired with a 10mbit cat3 network.
  4. Thanks for the great tips guys and girls. I'm looking forward to my new drive.
  5. I think I already have the drive picked out. I'll most likely be getting a 320gig seagate, one of the new perpendicular ones. But I'm of of course open to suggestions for something around $100. I'm in the US by the way.
  6. Hi guys, I'm planning on getting a new hard drive for christmas as the old one is quite full. Since I'll be rearranging all my data and maybe reinstalling xp I figured this would be a good time to implement any new ideas. Things along the lines of putting the page file on another drive (is there actually a noticeable peformance increase), system files on one partition data on another, and so on. Any tips or recommendations that you guys have found usefull would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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