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  1. tank u for helping me ... but i think it won't work, ..."where "appname" is the .exe name of the application that is hanging" it's because of the firewall i think, however the frozen application is not the firewall, but the prog that wants to reach the net [first time, no rules defined yet] ... i've tried almost all firewalls ... but all makes the computer died [shorter or longer time], maybe i've denied an important win prg to access the net ? maybe wrong win-network-settings ? [dhcp, behind router, dinamic-ip, pppoe] do it have any sense to do a memory dump of the sysem after the "hanging" is over ? [during the slow-down i can't do anything ...] all drivers are new or almost new, factory drivers ... except "nvidia integrated firewall", that one isn't installed, so it shouldn't "work", can cause a non-installed prog fault ?
  2. the system freezes too often computer : amd a64 3700+,2*512 ddr400 dc, 250gb sata .. so it shouldn't i wanted to close the frozen progs from taskmgr, however if the win "died" then it's 5 minutes to start a **** "high" taskmgr ... [hdd already defragmented, virus checked with active virus shield] while i'm waiting to the windows, the winamp [and other progs] runs cool ... [at least music makes me relaxed ] earlyer started [and unreachable because of not high enough priority] taskmg shows ~80% idle cpu-time lol i was wandering if i could kill "not responding" processes by taskkill ... i think i'll reset one of the multimedia buttons on the keyboard : C:\WINDOWS\system32\taskkill.exe /f /fi "status ne running" ..maybe works anyway the start command can run anything "realtime", but taskmgr, and processxp ... :S
  3. the cmd command "start /realtime taskmgr" starts tasmgr with high priotity .. always "high", ...later taskmgr can set itself to realtime of course ... but i wanna start it as realtime process ... any1 please help me thx

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