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  1. Hello everybody, using WPI v 8.6.3 met one thing that made me reinstall OS (i thought i killed it with frequent install/uninstall software for testing) but the result is the same(look the attachment). Could You help? And one more thing (this i meet for a long time) launching wpi.exe i see the main page with blue background only. This last for few seconds but looks not pretty, exiting the config or options wizard does the same.


  2. Nice! ;)

    You can center the images inside Chapter-4 (ua).

    See attachment!

    *Edit: On Chapter - 1 :

    (Open Chapter 5) and not Chapter 6

    And it's needed to change the title translated to :

    <li>Opens the Theme Wizard. (<a href="Chapter-5.html">Chapter 5</a>)</li>

    Sorry, but i can't understand what to do? Is there any troubles with opening chapter 5 from the chapter 1 page? Розділ means chapter in English. In the content (Page Home) chapter 5 - Theme Wizard overview, and clicking in the head of chapter 1 on chapter 5 we can open the page - Theme Wizard overview. Oh, found some more mistakes in translation (it's because of old manual which i used before) and finally got what You meant, please download the attachment

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