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  1. I'm just wondering, do you solved the issue with Drive letter preassignment (to remind, it works perfect, except as it also assign the S letter to System partition what make it visible and not hidden)? Everything else works perfect, great tool. P.S. Is it possible to add (much) more tweaks (it is lot of the available sources), as it can make it really highly customizable tool for every installation (more personal targeted tool), e.g. change users drive, public drive, system wide right click extender, etc. (so, see e.g. Win Toolkit tweak & service menu)? Run; RunOnce, RunOnceEx and FirstLoa
  2. Drive letter preassignment do exact what it say, but it also assign the letter for System (active) partition (so, it is visible after installation). Active partitions should to stay hidden (if you can to repair the script). P.S. Great tool!
  3. Also other fresh topics are related to this issue. I believe how problem begin from service packs (all versions, so w7, xp). WUD is originally created for basic version and he check downloads in Windows 7 x86 ENU, Windows 7 x64 ENU, Windows XP x86 ENU, ......, but downloads are now in Windows 7 Service Pack 1 x86 ENU, Windows 7 Service Pack 1 x64 ENU, Windows XP Service Pack 3 x86 ENU, ....... Every download must to be manually moved to old folders to get all others WUD functions fully functional (so, all functions vs. one - download). How that can be fixed?
  4. ??? No, just one setting, the D partition. If you mean (relatively) lot of PCs, answer is yes. P.S. But I found MUCH better option how to do it.
  5. So, I should to put WPI folder in partition D and point to it in Setupcomplete. By the way. What you mean with: I'm not charging anything to anybody.
  6. I guess how my explanation of the reason confuse you, but I believe how "technical part" of the question should be clear: - If PC have more than one partition (more than C partition), e.g. C, D, E, how should to look path command, if installer file is on the partition D and not on the main Windows OS system partition C? So, I see and understand how it should to be for DVD and PC with one partition (just C, or D, or whatever), but what in the case with more partitions?
  7. As I use OEM Recovery Tool, it is not useful (desired) to get exe files on C (system) partition, as apps are frequently updated (e.g. iTunes, flash, etc.). So, question is how to set path to D partition (what is correct path or procedure or commands)? e.g. - D:/SetupFiles/iTunesSetup.exe Should it be first copied to install folder, or it is possible to execute directly from D?
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