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  1. For sure. Setup wasn't stripped or anything like that. However, I checked the cd mb size and it's just 376mb. Is that normal at all?
  2. disgracely, trying another installer still gives me the same error
  3. Such an installer for ie sp1 never was released by MS, AFAIK, all that exists, officially, is that horrible downloder... and some unofficial repositories. Which language are your OSes in? Spanish? no, english . Yes, maybe the sp1 installer I was refering to is unofficial.
  4. how could I check if there's something wrong with certificates?
  5. yes, I dual booted 98se with 2000 just a week ago and I'm trying to install ie via the full offline installer without any service packs (dated from 2001) or the ie sp1 offline installer
  6. Hi guys! I've been having issues while trying to install IE 6 vanilla or SP1 on normal 2k + sp4 and well.. as everybody knows, there's no better place than this to ask for help with win oses Okay, I know this probably has been seen here many times but what happens is that windows opens the infamous 'digital signature not found' window, and if I click ok then setup closes with a 'Setup was unable to install all the components' error. so... If you could give me a hand then I'd really appreciate it! Greetings
  7. hi, it's me again. please read the MP, I sent you a payment for the patch!

  8. Same as title guys. I've struggling to make this system work with 4gigs of ram on win98se cause of that "pretty" not enough memory error when finishing to boot.. my pc specs are the following: Asus CUV4X-D mainboard 2x Tualatin PIII 1400-s CPUs 4x1 gigs of Elpida server grade ECC registered memory 400Gb Seagate Barracuda hd partitioned into a 250gb FAT32 one(for win98) and a 120gb NTFS one (for Win Xp sp3) I dunno if it's possible to run Win98 with the described amount of memory without having to use Rloew's patch.. I don't have any problem with paying 20 bucks for that patch but he says in his website that he doesn't accept paypal so that's not a possibility for me By the way, excludding this, what patches and updates do you suggest me to install if I can get my os to work with the 4gigs of ram? I'm such a noob when it comes to win98 and this XD If you could give a hand to this noob with this I'm asking I'm sure I'd greatly appreciate it guys! Greetings from Uruguay.