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  1. Yeah, I am going to go with XP Pro. Those .gho/.ghs files are passworded and I am unable to. . .bypass them. Thanks anyway.
  2. Is this somewhere along the lines of what we'll be doing with the hex editing and what not?: Gosh's Reducing Size of Source page P.S. None of my 3 recovery cds has an i386 folder. . .is this expected? The entire installation is done by Ghost if you are wondering. CD1 has a folder called COMPS--this is where all the crap that I don't need is. The folder BASE has the large Ghost files, named PREINST.GHO and PREIN001.GHS. The other discs have PREIN002.GHS, PREIN003.GHS, PREIN004.GHS, and so on. I have no experience with this tool. . . If you want me to PM you and be more specific, no problem. Thanks for the help!
  3. Heh, I am no hurry, and thanks for your consideration. I'm quite new to all this, and am not sure what I really want to do (I'll make another thread, you'll probably chuckle from the amateurishness). But on topic, I think it would be great to use my recovery cds with XP Home since Pro has extra services I've no use for. I just don't want all that software that comes with the recovery cds. Toshiba sure loves to pack in the bull$! Perhaps that is where your tool comes in? Sucks out just the required files?
  4. I guess I am out of the loophole then. I have a laptop so no floppy drive, and even if it's preferred I have no desire to use SP2 yet. *sigh*, I was hoping to use XP Home instead of Pro, but thanks anyway pjmh1981.
  5. To process the whole thing you would need: 1. Windows XP SP2 2. nLite tool 3. Windows XP SP2 Boot discs 4. A hex editor 5. Your Windows XP CD 6. ModifyPE Would you please be more specific as to what you are asking for on 1, 3, and 5? At the moment I am looking at this thinking I need 3 seperate Windows XPs. . .
  6. True Jeremy. Only way you are going to get a virus is if you are careless on the net. I use the opensource ClamAV.
  7. I would be interested in knowing how this is done. I am not very computer savvy, so thank you if you can explain pjmh1981.
  8. Edit: Oh, so silly. Just needed to restart the modem.
  9. Maybe if it wasn't a domicile for ejaculate.
  10. crahak, that sermpron is awesome. I am asking you for computer buying advice from now on .

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