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  1. Sure have added Data File Host Mirror to first page You rocks man!
  2. Hi JFX, thanks for the update! BTW, can you host your file on another site? Mediafire is blocked in my country. I think Data File Host is a great alternative.
  3. Hi JFX, Thank you very much for the new version.
  4. Hi JFX, I'll try again and see what's exactly the error message. So it doesn't matter if the PBR checkbox is red when I install win srv 2008 r2 next to windows xp? It'll still work, as you've already tried that? Edit: It says status: 0xc0000225 Any thoughts?
  5. Hi JFX, You've made an amazing app. It's really nice. I do have a question: how can I install windows srv 2008 r2 on a computer that already has XP installed and have two operating systems running together? I tried couple times, but it won't work. Here is what I do: I chooe partition D as the installation destination for win srv 2008 r2 when XP is on partition C. I do notice that the PBR checkbox is not green when I hit the setup and choose bootsect option (also've tried bootice) to update the boot code, and of course the option to detect OS already installed on this PC. After a reboot, my computer won't go to sysprep phase. It displays the boot selection to XP and win srv 2008 r2, but when I choose 2008 r2, an error happens, saying I have to repair boot xxxxx (I can not really remember) using a windows CD/DVD. Can you pls tell where I did wrong and how can I do it correctly? Thanks.
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