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  1. Is it possible to...

    Magellan456, keep in mind, there are programs "liking" to write to their own configuration files (e.g. Panda Antivirus) during startup or execution process. In that case the only way is to copy them to HDD or RAMdrive, execute and delete later. And don't forget: virus definitions get old quickly!
  2. Bootable CD WIzard 2.0

    @htc for the time being I use BCDW 2.0alpha and this is quite enough for my needs. Perhaps CD Shell (another topic) has more possibilities (isn't it?), but at the very first look it seems to me more complicated to build simple boot menu as with BCDW . The only trouble for people is to find a link to it (I've find it here "http://bcdw.bootcd.ru/bcdw-2.0a1.zip", but now it seems dead link). Next thing I have to dive in is perhaps mass storage drivers (mostly SATA?). @mediapla About making ISO: I am using "mkisofs 2.01-bootcd.ru (i386-pc-mingw32)" with switch "-duplicates-once" and so can save space (duplicated files are written only once and don't occupy additional space; you can have $OEM$ in every build's subdirectory and this won't bloat your CD/DVD).
  3. Bootable CD WIzard 2.0

    I can share my experience building MultiSetupCD with BCDW2.0 I followed instructions according Webpage skipping chapter 5: as HTC said "...BCDW v2 patches the setupldr.bin "on-the-fly"..." Here the directory tree: root |-BCDW |-BLUE |-SYSTEM32 |-HOME |-DOCS |-DOTNETFX |-I386 |-SYSTEM32 |-SUPPORT |-VALUEADD |-PROF |- (the same as HOME) |-VLPK |-$OEM$ |-$$ \ |-$1 (here by your own ideas) |-$Docs / |-$Progs / |- (rest the same as HOME) |-WIN51 |-WIN51IC |-WIN51IP |-WIN51IC.SP2 |-WIN51IP.SP2 excerpt from BCDW.INI: [InitOptions] [MenuItems] C:\ ; Boot from drive C: A:\ ; Boot from drive A: \VLPK\setupldr.bin; Windows XP SP2 Pro VLPK \VLPK\setupld1.bin; Windows XP SP2 Pro VLPK unattended \PROF\setupldr.bin; Windows XP SP2 Professional OEM \HOME\setupldr.bin; Windows XP SP2 Home Edition OEM \BLUE\setupldr.bin; Windows XP Command Prompt (BlueCon) the only thing I've pached was copy of setupldr.bin in VLPK (setupld1.bin) where I changed winnt.sif to winn1.sif (for unattended setup from CD). In other setups you can use the answer file winnt.sif by supplying it on A:
  4. Registry Tweaks

    Hey nobody likes NumLock turned ON on start? ;Turn NumLock ON [HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Keyboard] "InitialKeyboardIndicators"="2"

    For minimal boot disk you need only.: COMMAND.COM IO.SYS MSDOS.SYS AUTOEXEC.BAT CONFIG.SYS you need only in that case when you want to build menu or load some DOS device drivers (himem or CD-ROM).