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  1. I successfully unbricked my brick, thanks to jaclaz and all the other helpers. Cheers guys.
  2. Very good, thank you and only one more, You said, I need 3V and not 5V although the rs232 - ttl adaptor is 3 - 5V correct? In the batterypowerd version, it sais in the readme first, to make sure that the overall voltage should be no more than 3.3 V ... please correct me if i am wrong. If I go with this power adapter (the one on the image in my previous post) this will wor just like using a molex connector from a PC power supply right? But doesn't this thing produce a 5V outcome? that is what it sais on my power adapter, too (besides the 12V which of course i will NOT use as I have read ) There is no orange cable on the "5/12V StromKabel SATA", so no 3.3V. Should i go with the batteries or rather with the adapter and molex? TY
  3. In the tutorial it sais: Third, connect RX & TX cables from your RS-232 adapter, verify that all is correct, and then connect the power supply to Hard drive circuit board. sorry for the question but does that mean, to connect the sata power plug (wide plug) to the drive and to a power supply? And can I use a power adapter similar to the one on the image for doing this (powering the harddrive)? It has this "D" shaped outlet that then through an adapter connects to the sata power inlet. And then an extra battery for the RS232 - ttl adapter, or using the 5V + GND bits from that same adapter in the image??? Thank you
  4. To everyone from germany and all others of course Hi, it is me again while looking for a supplier for jumper cables, I came across this german based supplier that also has the famous Pololu Deluxe RS232 - TLL converter recommended on "mapleleavemountains" blog for 18€ wich is not cheap, but you will save on shipping costs and the jumper cables are only 2€ for pack of 10. http://www.nodna.de/Roboter-und-Zubehoer/Adapter-Konverter/Pololu-Deluxe-Serial-Adapter--728.html they also have this one from Droids: http://www.nodna.de/Roboter-und-Zubehoer/Adapter-Konverter/Droids-Serial-Level-Converter--865.html it is only a little cheaper but it is also 3.0 - 5.5 V Input, do you think they would both work??? Thanks for your help
  5. Thanks a lot for your advice I did read all the links now and started gathering the gear. Since I have a farly old laptop with a serail com port, I am in the lucky position of not needing a USB adapter. But I couldnt find the nice little R232-TTL Adaptor they have on sparkfun wich is linked several times here. But I found this one: http://www.pollin.de/shop/dt/MzY5OTgxOTk-/Bausaetze_Module/Bausaetze/RS232_TTL_Wandler_Bausatz.html Sorry the link is in german but maybe you can tell from the look? from the from the description, does roughly the same... will it work or is it something completely different? Does anyone know where I can get the switcher in germany? The ones from Hong Kong usually takes 4-5 weeks to be delivered to germany because of the customs. cheers
  6. Animated .GIF support under Windows 7

    thanks for your reply, and wow I didn't know that. I understand the monetary reasons not to implement the support for animated .gif files. Although I wonder, is there a difference, licence wise, between showing animated gifs/ any gifs as a still image or actually as animations? Because when open a gif file in photoviewer, I can see it, but as a still image. And why does the internet explorer support animated .gifs too? When I looked around for a solution to this, I found the following on the microsoft developers blogs, Id like to share with you: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/directx/archive/2009/11/13/test.aspx It basically sais that WIC (Windows Imaging Component) is used in the Windows 7 GDI+ to work with images. And I think, this GDI+ think is also what the Win7 Photoview is based on. And under "Additional information related to Imaging on Windows" you will find "WIC Samples (Progressive decoding, animated gifs, available here) So that confused me, is it or is it not possible to deal with animated gifs, or do I need some upgrade or anything? Maybe you can help me with this? From the users point of view, I think the intrest in animated .gifs is rather rising. From a artistic/ design perspective they have some nice potential to them. On many art and design related tumblr blogs you will find heaps of .gif animations and when you work with .gifs and sometimes I do some animations myself, it would be cool to be able to see them in photoviewer, like back in the days of XP. Thank you, cheers
  7. Hi, is it possible, to view animated .gif files in Windows 7 Photoview? I am trying to find a sollution to this for quite a long time and there are many complaining about the fact, that, since windows 7 there is no way to watch animated .gif files in windows photoview, like you could under win xp. But why? All I found out is, in short, that Microsoft thought, that the .gif format is old fashioned!!! Wonder why they run their boot animation through a .gif file then ?! And because of that, they decided not to support .gif animations in their new imaging software. I am not an expert and maybe there is more to it and I would be very happy if there is a way of showing gif animations in photoview, without using Irfan or ACDC or internetexplorer??? I am full of hope... Thanks for your help, cheers
  8. Hi, i am new to the forum and having the same exact problem with my barracuda 7200.11, well I think I do. So I thought I should briefly explain the symptoms and how I got here to you experts, to make sure I am right here. My harddrive is an external maxtor case with a seagate barracuda 7200.11 (I can post the serial if that helps). It is a few years old and just stopped working about 3 weeks ago, meaning It turns on completely fine, spinning normally, but wouldn't be recognised by my laptop. Not in the explorer, not in the device manager, nowhere. So after trying the usuals (different case, different usb cable, different laptop...) and googling for a week, I rang up the *free* seagate support. And although my drive is definetly out of warranty, there was a very friendly guy picking up and trying to help me. And he quite quickly asumed, that my drive would be busy or bsy, because of very certain circumstances and accidents, that I didn't quite understand (but would like to if you guys can explain them to me). Anyway he told me, that I would have two chances, either a professional data recovery firm or and I found that funny, THIS board "MSFN". And since I am willing to try it myself, I am here but before I start, I'd like to ask: 1. do you think my problem is the busy or bsy error and it is worth trying the tutorial? 2. Which description should I follow? The one on the first page? or the shorter "bsy only" one? 3. Since both sounds complex, is there any other way getting my drive running, e.g. exchanging the PCB? 4. What does this dial up thing exactly do? Will I need an internet connection? 5. Can I come back to you and ask for help if I have any problems while doing this? Thank you guys a lot, I am very happy about having found this place !!! Cheers