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  1. Sure, go ahead.

    Just let me add a little disclaimer: I'm not a doctor. My opinion is my own and not anybody else's here at MSFN. I don't represent MSFN.

    Consult your doctor if you have real medical problems.

    (There, just some legal mumbo jumbo to stop the lawyers.)

    Thank you, ScrewUpgrading.

    You are so humorous.

  2. I never said all people with mental disorders are ugly.

    I was merely suggesting that Americans are more prone to blind optimism and self-delusion in regards to their lot in life. Whereas in China, they blatantly discriminate against anyone perceived as being "different" or "mentally ill."

    I probably should've worded that differently.

    I see the connection behind it. I did not misunderstand your words.

    May I share your comments with that schizophrenic message board in China? They are going to set up an English message board so that we (just like this thread) can exchange information about mental disorders. Your view is valuable to me from the perspective of the society with diverse backgrounds just like America.

    I really am glad that you share this with me (and with us, later on) :)

  3. Description: Wait For a Mouse Event (Useful for Your Batch Programming)Screenshot:

    Please follow step-by-step as the screenshot shown below:

    Note:DEBUG is an internal DOS command.

    * There was a small mistake in the screenshot shown below. It should be 0Eh bytes instead of 0Ch bytes when specifying for CX register.


    100 MOV AX,0003
    103 INT 33 // Mouse Interrupt Call
    105 CMP BX,01 // Left Mouse Click?
    108 JNZ 0100 // Loop
    10A MOV AH,4C // Exit to DOS
    10C INT 21

    You will notice new CLICK.COM file in the directory.

    After you run this tiny program, you have to click using your left mouse button on any part of the screen in order to continue (or return to command prompt)

  4. Description: Wait For a Mouse Event (Useful for Your Batch Programming)

    Screenshot: Please follow step-by-step as the screenshot shown below:

    Note:DEBUG is a native DOS command.post-337315-0-84998800-1321197720_thumb.

    You will notice new CLICK.COM file in the directory.

    After you run this tiny program, you have to click using your left mouse button on any part of the screen in order to continue (or return to command prompt)

    Programming Language: Assembly Language

  5. BTW you would probably have the same kind of issues attempting to run a Win9x on such a machine.

    Compare with:

    and with some of the threads listed here:

    If you have a network card and a hub (and the modem is actually a router, NOT a USB connected modem) you may have some (very small chances).

    I'd better give up. I just can't swap my new PC (and its motherboard) for old OS.

    If that is the case, I have to downgrade my computer hardware.

    The best thing you can do is to try first in a VM inside your "normal" OS.

    I have wiped off my original Windows, completely.

    And the copy of Windows XP in this PC is not a genuine copy.

    That's why I am looking for a free OS, and my first option was Windows 3.11 / 95.

    Thank you for your help.

  6. I don't know which is better either. But I presume that China's blunt, "heartless" method probably saves everyone's time, if nothing else. Think about it, you never have to apply to the same place twice.

    Maybe with the populous citizens in China, employers can easily seek for suitable candidates.

    Think of all the wasted effort that people put into things in America. If only they knew that they were ugly, unattractive, and creepy looking, they might stop trying to get a job working with the public. Instead, they'd be more suited to Janitor, or Garbage Man, or Septic Tank pumper. Or ditch digger. Or dish washer. Or guinea pig for the drug companies.

    It is quite true. I think it is not about honesty under such circumstances, it is more about a friendlier approach.

    ^ I'd take any of those jobs in a heartbeat however, except drug company "guinea pig".

    Do you mean volunteers who are paid to try out new drugs?

  7. Description: Converts plain text file to self-displaying .COM program.

    There are similar converters out there, but I reinvent the wheel.

    Note: Make sure your text file does not contain the dollar sign. (As "$" is reserved as the terminator string)

    How It Works:

    The equivalent assembly instruction code is as follows:

    (0eh in length)

    push cs

    pop ds

    mov dx, 014b ;this is the offset in current COM image block (100h)

    mov ah, 09

    int 21

    mov ax, 4c00 ;zero exit code

    int 21


    <Compiler ID> (3ah in length)


    <String segment starts here>



    <Terminator string - $>

    Programming Language: Turbo Pascal and/or Assembly Language


  8. Description: My own compression technology identical to RLE (Run-Length Encoding) using frequency table with low compression ratio.

    Title:Squeeze-Together(im) Compression Technology

    Researched and Developed by Boo Khan Ming

    Purpose:Compress all types of file regardless of file size.

    Functions:function SqueezeFile(InputFileName,OutputFileName:string):byte;

    function StretchFile(InputFileName,OutputFileName:string):byte;

    Programming Language: Turbo Pascal


  9. 1. I wish it was free.

    Me, too.

    2. Windows 3.11 probably won't work on a new PC.

    Save yourself the headache and just buy a really old computer from 1992. Then install Windows 3.11. That should work just fine.

    Then I won't try Windows 3.11. Thank you for your advice.

    By the way, the new Intel Core i5 PC work with Windows XP.

  10. Thank you, jaclaz, for taking the initiative to answer my questions in my mind.

    1) No.

    :unsure: Then it must be pirated copy on those illegal Web sites.

    2) The answer, my friend is blowing in the wind. (how do you think we can do the remote mind reading needed to understand WHAT is your new PC and HOW the heck you have it connected to DSL? :w00t:)

    For the 2nd question a Standard Litany is needed:


    Good! I like to hear that (reminder) from you.

    It is originally Windows 7 64-bit preloaded PC connected to DSL modem through cable.

    If Windows 3.11 not possible, how about Windows 95?

    You may ask why downgrading my original Windows. It is another story.

  11. I don't have a clue. I suppose after commercialized software have been abandoned for years (or decades), perhaps it would be offered as free download and use. (It happened to my favourite programming language Turbo Pascal 5.5)

    I googled for answer to this question, and I must admit that I did not go throught the search results one by one. However, I can't seem to find any clues by a quick glance at MSFN discussions. To my surprise, Windows 95 available as free download from what I supposed to be the illegal Web sites. Furthermore, I found out many MS-DOS 7.1 + WFW 3.11 startup disk available for free, as well as DOS + Windows 95 startup disk.

    Therefore, I need your quick answers, just two.

    (1) Is Windows 95 free?

    (2) Will I ever get those "MS-DOS 7.1+WFW 3.11" to work with my new PC and DSL modem?

    Thank you very much!

  12. I am curious, apart from Malaysia and China, how would the public from the rest of the worldd view those mentally ill, especially in developed lands?

    In China, as from what I understood from the schizophrenic over there, unemployment among the mentally ill are high, and to my surprise, employers list NO mentally disabled as one of the criteria in their job ads! I am surprise because it does not, al least until now, happen in my mother country, Malaysia.

  13. Hello everybody.

    I was seeking for solution and then came across to this message board.

    Being an ethnic Chinese in multi-cultural country, that is, Malaysia, please excuse me for my broken English (yes, they call it Manglish)

    In the past, until today, I NEVER use other OSes than Windows (and, of course, DOS), except Symbian OS programming.

    It it interesting to join an international (and Microsoft's) message board, as we like or not, those computing technology that we are using everyday (as simple as Google search engine, or as complicated as Remote Desktop connection) are from the West in large portion. So, it means, I speak your language using your terminology, to those from the Western world.

  14. I am new to this message board, the first thing I would do is share with you some of my old DOS programs.

    Attached are COUNTER.ZIP and ADDRBOOK.ZIP. Both run OK even in Windows XP without compatibility issues.

    What is COUNTER:

    Digital Counter

    Version 1.0 (Release 2000.1)

    Developed by Boo Khan Ming (from Malaysia)

    E-mail: bookm@tm.net.my

    WWW: http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Horizon/3409

    DESCRIPTION: This is a multi-purpose digital counter (capable of count up to 65535).

    USAGE: To increment the counter value once, press SPACE BAR.

    To open menu screen, press F1.

    You have options to change the color appearance, and to reset the counter value.

    Use arrow keys, ENTER and ESC to navigate through the menus.

    TIPS: You can restore the previous counter value by modifying COUNTER.INI

    (change 'AutomaticResetDisabled' setting from default 'no' to 'yes).

    Thank you for trying out this small snippet!

    Hope you find it useful.

    Any feedback are welcome.

    In addition to this small snippet, I have something more professional, the ADDRBOOK.ZIP

    Read what reviewer said about this menu- and/or mouse-driven program.


    Office address and phone database.

    * * *

    [added 2004-09-15, updated 2005-06-05]

    Address Book is geared to office use: Data fields are ID, Name, Address, Phone, Fax, Supervisor. Features: Search on any one or more fields; Export to text file; View, Add, Edit, Remove records. Splash screen reports number of records and total size of database. Menu or dialog box operation, using mouse or keyboard. Runs in DOS box under Windows 9x. Can run with or without the included .PAL file.

    Author: Boo Khan Ming, Malaysia (2003).

    2005-02-04: v1.51. Package now includes PAS source.

    Yes, the TP7 source code also included in the ZIP file.




    These little .COM program are useful in your batch file.

    PRESS.COM - Wait until user press any key to continue (Another version)

    CLICK.COM - You may have well heard "Press any key to continue", but this one offers "Press left mouse button to continue..."

    BEEP.COM - As its name implies...

    BIOSDATE.COM - Print on the screen BIOS manufacture date.


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