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  1. I am in the US. I will see if there is anything I can do to get a copy of Java 6 SE update 51..... I will let you know if I have any luck
  2. Have you disabled the "Use hardware acceleration when possible" options in the ADVANCED>GENERAL tab in Firefox? I know that would work, but I need hardware acceleration whilst using Flash. This is a problem when using forceware drivers. I'm using Firefox 10, which works great with Adblock Plus, and will install Chrome soon. Uncheck the option "Use hardware acceleration when possible" in Firefox in the OPTIONS> ADVANCED>GENERAL tab. I have an older version installed right now, but I think it is in the same spot in the the later versions.. tomas86 or anybody can confirm.
  3. @AnX Have you disabled the "Use hardware acceleration when possible" options in the ADVANCED>GENERAL tab in Firefox?
  4. @blackwingcat I see that you have updated the blog.livedoor page for "JRE 6 update 41 for Windows 2000", but it gives an error "File not Found in List" and to Report the issue. edit: the link now works... thanks Thanks again. P.S. I also see from Feb 14 the information about "Adobe Flash Player", but on the blog.livedoor page the most recent version listed is "Adobe Flash for Windows 2000/XP/2003 Feb.2013 "
  5. Feb 19 2013 Java 6 Update 41 is released. Just a heads up bwc.. will the livedoor blog page be updated? and again thank you for your efforts. Yffffonz
  6. @OldSchool38... bwc has an updated 'Java 6 Update 39 Installer for Windows 2000' and those installers can be used on a standard win2k without any extended kernel installed (just in case you were wondering)
  7. Apparently the last patch for Java 6 will be released on 19th February, so I am presuming that there might be one more patch still to follow after update 39? http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9234900/Oracle_to_stop_patching_Java_6_in_February_2013?taxonomyId=208&pageNumber=1 @conductor71.. That is good to know. I guess at some point soon I (and others) will be investigating to install Java 7 on win2k. @blackwingcat.. Is there available a "W2K Java 7 installer" similar to the one you created for Java 6? or will Java 7 only be able to be installed when using an extended kernel? @bwc, tomasz I have not researched yet the Java 7 requirements, but I am sure there are many around (like me) that do not really have the need for full blown extended kernel and who can get away with just using a few wrappers here or there. anyway.. thanks for any info you can supply.
  8. Feb 01 2013 Java 6 Update 39 is released. @bwc.. will there be an update available on the livedoor blog? thanks brother
  9. dropbox will do that when there is too much traffic being generated by a shared folder/item... hopefully it is only temporary as the error message suggests. They WILL cancel an account that keeps on infringing. Just a heads up tomasz
  10. @conductor71 was using the wrapper as well. it worked fine up to v11.2.202.235 for Firefox and v11.4.402.287 for IE. after that I had the same issues that you described. blackwingcat has been releasing and updating a v10.3 installer for w2k. it seems that v10.3 has been continually updated by adobe.. it may be an option to investigate. you can find bwc's installer page here: I made the latest Adobe Flash Player 10.3 installer [bM] use google translate if necessary
  11. @blackwingcat.. will you be updating the installer on your site for Flash Player 【BM】最新の Adobe Flash Player 10.3 インストーラー作りました
  12. Just a heads up for anyone interested.. blackwingcat has updated the java installer for 6u38 Java 6 Update 38 Installer for Windows 2000 thanks for that brother..

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