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  1. To, zorphnog & other members, I have tried to modify the "Windows is loading files..." text in NTI Backup now recovery disc(iso) with the help of zorphnog's post. I have done the following :- 1. Extracted BOOT.WIM from the ISO file. 2. Checked the locale of the extracted bcd file with bcdedit /store bcd /enum, which was en-US. 3. Mounted the BOOT.WIM with IMAGEX tool in RW mode to edit the WIM file. ( I think it is a windows vista version BOOT.WIM file,coz the ISO shows the windows vista boot screen when it is booted... ) 4. Edited the BOOT.WIM{mounted}\Windows\Boot\PCAT\en-US\bootmgr.exe.mui using HEX editor & PE checksum successfully, as described in the zorphnog's post. 5. Unmounted and saved the BOOT.WIM with the new bootmgr.exe.mui file. 6. Replaced the edited BOOT.WIM with the original BOOT.WIM in the ISO file. 7. Added {ISO}\BOOT\en-US\bootmgr.exe.mui from the edited "bootmgr.exe.mui" file, as the {ISO}\BOOT\en-US\bootmgr.exe.mui was not present by default in the ISO file. 8. BOOTED the New ISO image in vm player. ~~~~~ RESULT ~~~~~ Booted successfully with "Windows is loading files..." message instead of the expected new message !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????? NO CHANGE IN THE "Windows is loading files..." MESSAGE..... :realmad: Please help....... sorry for my COLOURFUL post....
  2. @jseaman111 same with me... but when i opened the same bootmgr.exe.mui with the PE Checksum tool again...it shows me the existing & calculated values r same(????)
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