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  1. No offense meant, Kelsenellenelvian. I think I assumed you were a Moderator. I know that you can quote Terms and Conditions to people, but people never read them. One strike and you're out is a little harsh. Everyone deserves a second chance. But seeing as the OP isn't going to get a positive response, I think he will take his illegal question elsewhere and never darken this forum again anyway.

  2. I'm well aware of the illegality. One of my philosophies in life is "You can ask anything you like, just no guarantee of an answer". Just seems a little harsh, free speech and all that. Why not politely state that his question was inappropriate and lock the topic, I just thought your response was a little aggressive.

    @allen2 - LOL!

  3. We've had this issue from time to time. Some say it is down to a particular update. There is a patch you can download if you search for it, and we've have had limited success. Not seen it recently, maybe a later update has corrected this?

  4. It's fairly straightforward to disable the Offline Files/Synchronization mularky.

    I wouldn't be put off by this experience. If nothing else it goes to show that creating and maintaining a Domain requires planning and isn't something which should be rushed into. Folder Redirection does work (at the end of the day it's only a pointer), OK so Roaming Profiles are not done very well in Windows.

    Good Luck. Sorry we couldn't sort it out. B)

  5. Is the "Computer Browser" service set to Automatic on the workstation?

    Failing that, do you have "Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP" configured on the workstaion NIC?

    Failing that, is the "Routing and Remote Access" service set to anything but Manual in the workstation?

    Failing all that, I'm struggling as to what to suggest next. :unsure:

  6. It's just that "network path not found" tends to be a DNS issue. You might want to clear the DNS cache on your workstation by running "ipconfig /flushdns" in a command window - Start>Run>cmd.

    Do you use the 192.168.X.Y scheme for your network? Is your DC the DNS server? What do you get for "nslookup server.domain.name" when run on the workstation in a command window?

  7. Your workstation thinks there is one share called "Data", and your exchange server thinks there are seven shares none of them called "Data". How odd. (As a side note I always disable folder synchronization, that could be causing some of the issues you may be experiencing.) I assume the shares reside on another drive/partition on your DC? Are you sure your IP scheme is correctly implemented? Are you absolutely sure that DNS is correctly configured? (Locating shares/resources uses DNS.)

  8. Oh dear, you do seem to have had a bad experience with Folder Redirection and Roaming Profiles. These type of problem are difficult to diagnose without actually seeing the system in question. Is it something as simple as the Share Permissions? I know that the default for Server 2003 is Read. And regardless of NTFS Permissions, it will be Read Only. I think it's a little too early to reformat and starting again. :hello:

    Some screen shots might help.

  9. 192.168.X.X is a Private range of IP addresses for LANs. The default Subnet Mask should be Your WAN IP address for your Router cannot be 192.168.X.X, that is allocated from your ISP.

    192.168.1.X and 192.168.0.X are different subnets and you will not be able to connect to each other, unless you have another Router. All your LAN computers should be on the same subnet, either use 192.168.0.X OR 192.168.1.X.

    Hope this helps.

  10. Are you referring to 3 or more state logic?

    It is a case of accuracy, the levels MUST be very well defined; if only there was a 10-state device!

    Also, multi-state Boolean Algebra is hideously complex.

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