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  1. Thanks for the fix. Trying it now. Edit: This fix did it. I still get a warning about closing appswitch.ini, but it doesn't crash afterwards; it continues with the apps window. Note: I haven't gone completely through the rest of the application because this is my first time using it, so I don't know if there are any more bugs down the road, but now I am getting to the applications window. Thanks for this great app maxXPsoft!
  2. Still getting the same error. Did a completely clean install and everything, deleting any leftover files in c:\se7en_ua\ . The three fields again got re-inserted into Appswitch.ini Edit: and all the files starting with 'z' have data in them, none of them are empty. Edit2: this was with the newly downloaded se7en_ua 8.1.4
  3. That didn't fix it, it still crashes with the same error. Running 8.1.4 and also manually removing those 3 things from Appswitch.ini. When I manually remove them and re-run Se7en_UA, it automatically re-inserts those 3 fields back into Appswitch.ini
  4. maxXPsoft, I am getting the same error as jbm. I messaged you my [se7en_UA_STEPS] section. This is with version 8.1.3 (got the same error with prior versions as well)
  5. The win2kgaming forums which were located at this old url: http://win2kgaming.site90.com/ are now back online at this new url: http://oldcigaret.info/win2k/phpBB3/
  6. Gday OldCigarette, Is there any way to speed up the return of win2kgaming??
  7. Is there somewhere we can donate? win2kgaming should have its own url and proper paid hosting. Hosting can be so cheap these days, there are plenty of $1/month hosts in the US. As a sidenote, I noticed in the OS list when registering, it listed: Windows 2000 x64 Datacenter
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