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  1. Hi, I've been reading quite a bit on all these customizing tools and what they can and can't do and basically how to use them as well. In any case, I need a small bit of advice on which one I should use for my scenario. I have a 4GB USB for a Win7 x64 SP1 installer and I'd simply like to update it with MSU updates, that's adding and removing, if this is even possible (every time a new batch of them come out), Applications that install silently with switches of course, and some tweaks if it were possible. Any idea on which tool I should be dabbling with? Thanks. Edit - Well, I've done a bit of tinkering myself and I find that the best option for me right now is Windows 7 Toolkit. 1. I have a preset of the component removal, Silent Installs, and other options. 2. I'll do another preset for adding the updates fortnightly. 3. Do this every two weeks to the first image to integrate new updates. 4. Copy newly updates installation files to my USB which is already prepped to install. Does anyone have a better idea on what I should do every two weeks? Should I just add updates to the already updated images? Don't some updates supersede others? Will this cause troubles?
  2. Great work. Registered here just to download and say thank you.
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