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  1. I created this site has some programs for Windows 98 Site Windows 98 Downloads> http://sites.google.com/site/windows98downloads/ Att
  2. Thank you for everyone's help. But I am glad that I got: - Access files from Windows 98 through Windows 7 - Use the printer that is connected in Windows 98. Only lacked access files from Windows 7 from Windows 98, but not something that is urgently needed.
  3. Thanks everyone for the answers and patience. But it is taking effect, now I'm able to print using the printer connected to Windows 98 through Windows 7. But only one thing missing is difficult to solve, we access the Windows 7 through Windows 98. Using Comodo Firewall in Windows 7, will have to open some doors? Or is it still Windows 7 is poorly configured to be accessed? Or the Windows 7 operating system does not allow the old 9x family access the shared folders?
  4. I think I am close to get both computers are recognizing: - Windows 98 - Windows 7 But when I try to access the shared folders of Windows 7 through Windows 98, a message appears: "This request is not supported by the network" and then the message "The server \\Ariescha-PC does not accept remote requests" I'm usually able to access shared folders from Windows 98 through Windows 7. There is less!
  5. Kelsenellenelvian, this is the program> http://www.baixaki.com.br/download/aero-patch-w7starter-and-basic.htm Enable to access shared folders from Windows 98 through Windows 7 (working perfectly), but am not able to access the shared folders of Windows 7 through Windows 98. Nor am getting the printer (the printer is installed on Windows 98) and there is a driver for Windows 7 it. - I was able to access Windows 98 through Windows 7, going on run and typing // (Problem Solved) - But when I do the same run in Windows 98 by typing the IP of Windows 7 (which is, an error message appears. (Unresolved) - I'm having trouble using the printer that is located in Windows 98 (Unresolved) Thanks for the help of all, one of three problems have been resolved.
  6. I got through the windows 7 access shared folders from Windows 98 (first appeared to the printer), but when you open the shared folder did not show any files, was carrying only until Windows 7 Explorer.exe has stopped responding. So far unable to access Windows 7 from Windows 98. NOTE: Windows 7 is configured with just one User who is the Administrator, it will interfere?
  7. Tripredacus how did you get? Windows 7 Starter is the version I just downloaded a program that allowed them to use the Aero effect. Additional data: - Both computer connected to the router receives an IP range of ** (two asterisks is a number from 00 to 99). The final IP is the Windows 98 and Windows 7 is - The name of the User PC with Windows 98 PHILIPS-BLASTER, and the group is called WORKGROUP - The name of the User PC with Windows 7 is ARIESCHA-PC, and the group is called WORKGROUP - The devices are connected like the image below:
  8. I want to connect a Windows 98SE to a Windows 7 Starter through a network. Both computers are connected to a router. In Windows 98SE desktop is connected via cable to the router and the other is a laptop connected to the router via Wireless. Windows 7 is recognizing itself and the router as shown in the image: Since Windows 98 is recognized only to himself, is not recognizing the router (access to the internet but what is normal, and you can connect to the router using the address What should I do for Windows 98 recognize the router on the network? PS: Sorry for bad English, because I am Brazilian
  9. I did it! First I had to give the following command to the file system turned a read-only file: attrib -r Explorer.exe And then I copied: C:\>copy A:\Explorer.exe C:\Windows\Explorer.exe I thank you all for the information.
  10. The thing is, I installed a program that changed the language of my OS (it was in English and I'm Brazilian), then made the mistake of replacing the files that were in English and then I was replacing the files in Portuguese that I have recorded on a CD-ROM, SFC.exe used the program for this, then replace the Explorer.exe Explorer.exe in English by the Portuguese, did it also with the User.exe and Systray.exe. But it did not work, but before I do these replacements on a single floppy these three files in the English language. Now I'm back both these files to their proper places, apart from the Portuguese language and putting the English Language. But when I give the command at the prompt to perform the replacement of the message: ACCESS DENIED. What do I not access denied? In short: - Explorer.exe is in Portuguese and English in HD on the diskette - User.exe in HD is in Portuguese and English on the diskette - Systray.exe in HD is in Portuguese and English on the diskette My goal: - Remove these three programs in HD that are in Portuguese, and put the language back to English HD - Error message that is giving to perform the replacement: ACCESS DENIED PS: Sorry if you have something wrong, I'm using Google translator to write this message, and also by the size of the message. I hope you understand.
  11. Three system files were corrupted, and now when the PC starts it crashes and displays the following error message: The MPREXE.EXE MADE AN ILLEGAL OPERATION AND WILL BE CLOSED. These three files are corrupted on a floppy, and they are good, then started the PC mode Command Prompt to perform the replacement of the corrupted files: Explorer.exe; Systray.exe; User.exe I place the following Prompt: C:> copy A: \ Explorer.exe C: \ Windows C:> copy A: \ User.exe C: \ Windows \ System C:> copy A: \ Systray.exe C: \ Windows \ System Woe to the message: Overwrite (Yes / No / All)? _ So YES I type Y and then the message: ACCESS DENIED - C: \ WINDOWS \ EXPLORER.EXE - 0 File (s) copied (s) What should I do? I have important files on that PC PS: I own The entire Windows folder stored on a CD-ROM, and do not know why that is giving Prompt denied access to copy these executable files.

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