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  1. Thank you very much for this, @xpclient !
  2. Hello all! Glad to see the hoar Office 2000 old post revival Hi xpclient and thank you! I found minus dot com and jumbofiles dot com to allow UL and DL without any "log", but I don't know how much time they keep the files. I DLd your dropbox files, thank you again. Is too much to wait the rest you talking-writing about? Hi I41Mar and thanks for your observations! At first glance, it seems you are right, but as I stated in my post, the list of patches is the result of Office Update method at that time; and WSUS told me the same. I did not make other investigations, except the MSO 2007 related ones. Well, in case your observations are accurate, the worst thing to happen is to install two obsolete patches. For me, I'll take the risk and until future researches (not mine) I'll trust MS, yet (which is or not a good idea?)
  3. Yes... several other folks have uploaded to sites that don't require a "sign-up"... Hello all! Yes... It's a matter of principles to stick or not with stuff that needs "sign-up", "login", "sign-in" a.o. The same situation for freebies that need "like", "tweet", "circles", "friends" etc. Principles, nothing more.
  4. Hello all! Sounds nice! Well, let's see what is all about . Upload'em all and let me-us know, please. AND: can you make the uploads fully shared, to be DL without the need to login with MS? Thank you! And if you need something...
  5. ... created in MSI 3.0. with '95, '98, ME imposibility Sliptream Install... First of all: MSFN need some jumbo fonts, don't they? BUT: You're right. I was not attentive at that time, sorry. I edited my main post accordingly. PS: I like Boca Juniors.
  6. Hello all and Ascii2 too! - It is Office 2000 Premium Edition installed, I already edited my post above (forgot to mention the edition, sorry). - The list of patches is for Office 2000 Premium Edition AND/OR Professional Edition. The only difference between the two editions is FrontPage 2000 (inluded in Premium Edition only, if we talk about Disc1 and Disc2 of Premium Edition). Well, for FrontPage 2000 there is no update or any patch available, after SP3. So, the list of patches completely cover both editions, Premium and Professional (and, of course, Standard Edition and Small Business Edition). The Developer Edition is another story. - If you do have a different list or a longer one, let us know. Thank you for your attention.
  7. Office 2000 - All updates (patches) after SP3 (the non-obsolete ones) Hello all, I think this will help. All patches were detected with Office Update method at time, one day before EOL of the product, triple checked with WSUS Offline at the same time, two weeks earlier and one month later, again. Office 2000 Premium was fully fresh installed, Disc1 and Disc2 only, with all features running from hard disk, SR-1, then SP3 applied, on two different setups, XP and Vista. Presuming Office 2000 installed, with SR-1 and SP3 applied, you’ll need these updates only, applied in this order: 01. KB818798 (Office update) - kb818798.exe (NOT kb818798_sr1.exe, NOT kb818798a.exe) 02. KB905555 (PowerPoint update) - office2000-kb905555-fullfile-enu.exe 03. KB905646 (Outlook update) - office2000-kb905646-fullfile-enu.exe 04. KB920822 (Office update) - office2000-kb920822-fullfile-enu.exe (NOT art2000-kb920822-fullfile-enu.exe) 05. KB920906 (Office update) - office2000-kb920906-fullfile-enu.exe 06. KB931660 (Office web components update) - office2000-KB931660-FullFile-ENU.exe 07. KB947361 (Office update) - office2000-KB947361-FullFile-ENU.exe 08. KB944425 (Office update) - office2000-KB944425-FullFile-ENU.exe 09. KB946986 (Outlook update) - office2000-KB946986-FullFile-ENU.exe 10. KB950682 (Publisher update) - office2000-KB950682-FullFile-ENU.exe 11. KB921595 (Office update) - office2000-KB921595-FullFile-ENU.exe 12. KB955441 (Access update) - office2000-KB955441-FullFile-ENU.exe 13. KB921606 (Office update) - office2000-KB921606-FullFile-ENU.exe 14. KB957790 (PowerPoint update) - office2000-KB957790-FullFile-ENU.exe 15. KB969600 (Word update) - office2000-KB969600-FullFile-ENU.exe 16. KB969683 (Excel update) - office2000-KB969683-FullFile-ENU.exe 17. KB957838 (Office update) - office2000-KB957838-FullFile-ENU.exe These updates will work with ALL editions of Office 2000, but the above list may not be complete for the Developer Edition. The list of patches is complete for Office 2000 Premium Edition AND/OR Professional Edition. The only difference between the two editions is FrontPage 2000, included in Premium Edition only. There is no update or any patch available for FrontPage 2000, after SP3. So, these patches complete cover both editions, Premium AND Professional and, of course, Standard Edition and Small Business Edition. For each edition, install only what you need in the list. Note that you may need the original souce disks for some patches. To NOT be prompted for the source disk(s), you must apply: KB835220 after SP3, but before the rest of patches (01. to 17.) All these updates can be found on MS site. Find, if possible, the “fullfill” files. There are not others non-obsolete post SP3 updates available for Office 2000. There will be not future updates. Office 2000 life ended July 14, 2009 (with last patches released in June 2009). So, this is the final setup for Office 2000. Note for Vista and Seven users: Office 2000 will work on Vista and Seven very well, with these three workarounds: 1. To make Outlook working on Vista and Seven, copy wab32.dll and wab32res.dll from C:\Program Files\Common Files\System to C:\Windows\System32. Even so, Outlook does not remember the passwords; for this problem there is no workaround. 2. To make Office Assistant working on Vista and Seven, copy agentdpv.dll from C:\Windows\msagent to C:\Windows\System32. 3. To have acces at the old-type help files, you must download and install WinHlp32.exe for your OS, Vista or Seven, from MS site. The generic name is: KB917607 but there are separate files for Vista or Seven, x86 or x64. Regarding the Outlook 2000 properly managing time zones problem, you may read the documentation for “Time Zone Data Update Tool for Office Outlook 32-bit”, available for Outlook 2000 to 2010 versions, on MS site. Note that there are some security risks in using Office 2000 with patches several years old. but for day-to-day, plain usage, it will work very well, especially if you do pay attention where you click. There is a solution for the above problem, see next. Note for all NT OSs users: The "Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint File Formats" is working with Office 2000 and its components: Word, Excel and PowerPoint (SP3 required). If you'll install this pack, you'll be able to open AND save files in these new office formats: docx, xlsx, pptx etc AND receive future updates for this pack. So, you can download and install the Compatibility Pack and use the regular way to update or patch it, through WinUpdate. This way, the security risks shall be reduced. It is a good idea to download and install the "FileFormatConverters.exe" file published 1/6/2010 (38,808,920 bytes), it has SP2 for Office 2007 System included. How it works: To open these files (2007 format), just double click on them. To save a file in Word, open or create a file, then just click Save As and pick the 2007 format OR right-click the file (do not open the file) and choose Save As from right click menu, then pick the 2007 format. To save a file in Excel or PowerPoint there is one method only: right-click the file (do not open the file) and choose Save As from right click menu, then pick the 2007 format. You can not save an opened file with Save As, like in Word. If the Powerpoint does not work, you have to apply: KB2540162 You may want or not to update the entire 2007 Compatibility Pack setup, it's your choise, but the above KB is mandatory for this Compatibility Pack to save 2007 format files with PowerPoint 2000. To open 2007 format files with PowerPoint 2000, you do not need this update, but you need it if you want to save files as pptx or pptm. EDIT: Office Compatibility Pack Service Pack 3 (SP3) is available now: "compatibilitypacksp3-kb2526297-fullfile-en-us.exe", published 10/25/2011 (38,569,824 bytes). This is a way to have an Office Suite, compatible with old and new file formats, working with XP, Vista and Seven and eligible for future updates (2007 file formats only). For Win '95, '98 (SE), ME, you must stay with the old doc-xml-ppt format; the patches for this situation are 01. to 17. only (see above). That's all about Office 2000. Thank you for your attention.

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