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  1. Dear Cracks, can anybody help me, to find Blackwingcats Win2K Pro CPU-unlock patch? I've searched http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/ and http://w2k.flxsrv.org/ since two hours, without success. Regards, Markus
  2. it works fine!! thank you!! I'm from time to time in poland, near Luban (DLB). if it is not too intrusive - and you live in the west of Poland - I would like to drink a beer with you! Thank you very much!! Best Regards, Markus Edit: To contact you, i'll post a temporary available link to a qr-code with my e-mail adress ... if you want.
  3. Hello cracks, here still running a Windows 2000 professional computer, which I mainly use to play chess. Several new engines come with a VC2008 runtime, the procedures require the Encode / Decode-pointers in the kernel32.dll. An upgrade to Windows XP on this machine is not a question, because on this computer still runs other licensed software, which runs only under Windows 2000, this upgrades would cost much money. I had even thought about the possibility to patch the kernel32.dll, but I lack the skills for it. After appropriate research, I came across this forum, where blackwingcat has fortu
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