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  1. WinNTSetup v3.8.8.6 / 3.8.9 B2

    hi, i test the new version of gena, but it don't solve my problem. i've got a message that want to install in my external disk M: (where i launch gena with syslinux) when i select the internal disk C: . i've already have this message in the past and don't know why.
  2. WinNTSetup v3.8.8.6 / 3.8.9 B2

    thanks, i'll test it and see if it's correct my problem
  3. WinNTSetup v3.8.8.6 / 3.8.9 B2

    Hi, my vista wim is a AIO version i made from both x86 and x64 disk i've got the same problem with Seven, and it's an original dvd (both x86 and x64). i have the same problem with nt6.x fast installer. i've see this post on reboot pro. but i can't find what i need to do exactely. temporaly i use the method of Steve6375 on the RMPrepUSB website, but unfortunatly it's work with seven, but with vista it can't find the "Sources/INSTALL.WIM" file (i think it don't load firadisk correctly). so for now i've got a working solution, but very dirty. install seven thru steve6375 method; install xp with WinNTSetup v2 (thru a winpe iso); install vista directly from my external hard disk (direct copy of all the directory to the root partition and add a BCD entry to launch the setup. it's very dirty and i'm not happy with this. i need some help. Thanks
  4. WinNTSetup v3.8.8.6 / 3.8.9 B2

    Hi, sorry for my english but i've got some problem when i try to install windows vista i've got this message : maybe it's because it is a french install disk but how can i correct this message ? I'm using a winPE 1.0 disk for do the job (Gena Winbuild) it's working perfectly for win XP thanks in advance