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  1. I was hoping to update some entries on the kernelex wiki and I wanted to make sure what the latest working versions are I have 2011-11-18 build date for FFdshow installed. Is it possible to get a later version working using kexstubs? Now that FFdshow has stopped active devlopment, what is the last working version of lavfilter? I have version 0.48 installed, and have failed to get any of the later versions to work. Also Lavfilters crashes when it tries to decode AVC and vp8 video, is that just a problem on my computer?
  2. Is the Kernelex wiki still being maintained? I think with fewer users and kernelex with no developers, would it be ok to suspend new members and new entries? I was wondering what types of things the wiki admin could use to stop spam being posted on the wiki Google listed? Can the wiki be unlisted in the search engine? maybe the spam is about increasing their search rank. Approved post New posts and edits await approval by a moderator, and automatically added after x days if no action kernelex questions Since spammers are bypassing the catcha system. Can we add kernelex based questions to hold back spammers? ie: what is kernelex? what forum is kernelex use? Who created kernelex? What OS does kernelex support
  3. Is there a way to disable spam on the kernelex wiki? I could just delete the spam content, but there must be a better way to stop the spam/bot.
  4. Media Player Classic Unicode [HomeCinema], 1.2.908.0 works for me, anything later does start, but it doesn't function as a video or audio player. Something about Overlay mixer error messages FFDShow 3850 2011-05-11, last version that works on my computer. I think I downloaded from freecodecs. It was listed as MMX optimized I cant get any of the later versions to work the directshow filter does not register I think
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