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  1. Neil Young - Campaigner

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  2. Rather than "taking it out," which I assume means unscrewing it and removing it entirely..... try unplugging the power cable to the CD-ROM. Then put the computer case back on and turn your computer back on. See if Windows loads correctly then.

    That way you can easily plug it back in.... takes like 5 seconds. Then you'll be able to determine if the CD-Rom is in fact the problem.

  3. Merry Christmas To All You!!!!

    There will be an updated SP3 after the new year since I'm moving into a new place.

    This will be my belated Christmas gift to you Win98SE lovers. :thumbup:w00t::yes:

    ^ Hehe.

    Reminds me that the latest IrfanView (4.32) just came out, yay!

    There's aren't many Windows ME programs where I wait for the next release. Maybe like 4.... so it's a nice Christmas present for my poor computer!

  4. I wrote the article so I wouldn't have to write any more How To's for formating a computer.

    I'll just refer back to this in the future.

    "Tech Help" isn't really my speciality.

    Needed :unsure: Carpenter comparison:

    Q. How do I replace a wooden beam of the roof?

    A. It would be easier to demolish the house and start rebuilding it from it's foundations.

    Whereas, let's all just beat a horse to death and then bring it back to life. :)

    I see your point though. :)

    Well, if you delete this topic I understand. Doesnt' really help people much... it's your forum.

  5. You'll just have to check more frequently for the next bad sector to appear, and hope that it doesn't end up being a system file that gets lost or ruined.

    If you're computer still works, then it still works. If it doesn't, then it doesn't. I wouldn't worry about it unless you computer stops working correctly.

    I'm lucky, I've been using the same Quantum Fireball (40 gb) for eleven years and it has zero bad sectors.

  6. How to Format Windows 98/ME for Newbies by ScrewUpgrading

    a.k.a. How to NOT Fix Your Computer But Workaround The Whatever Issue You Have By Starting From Scratch*

    I've noticed a lot of people come here who have an old computer that is beyond their repair. Whether it's virus infected, they installed the wrong patch and nothing works correctly now, the file registry is messed up, or else Windows crashes loading up every time. The simplest method of 100% fixing your computer is by Formatting it. This method of computer repair might seem scary to people who have never done it before, but actually it's one of the easiest things to do. And there's nothing wrong with doing it. All you're doing is deleting files. The same thing you do everyday when you delete a picture or a document. The only difference is in this case, you're deleting EVERY file from your computer. Including Windows itself. This is necessary because often Windows becomes messed up. Therefore, I recommend that anyone who uses Windows Me\98\95 in 2011 should learn this skill. Why?

    Because keeping Windows 9x running in 2011 takes work. Nothing related to Windows Me/98 is "officially" supported anymore.

    Microsoft isn't releasing updates or security fixes for it. And since you're choosing to use an "obsolete" operating system, if you have problems they don't have any obligation to help you. Except for a couple people at this forum and elsewhere, nobody works on keeping Windows Me/98/95 relatively up-to-date. All un-officially, that is.

    There are some really good "un-offical" programs that enhance Windows 9x but I won't get into that here. That's entirely another topic. But if you run into some road blocks, and want to get your computer back to its original state... then read on.

    Formatting Windows Me/98 and what you'll need to do so.

    You'll need:

    1. A standard blank 3.5" Floppy Disk (1.4 Mb)

    2. Windows Me, 98, or 95 install CD

    Step One:

    Make sure you get into the habit of backing up your personal files. Either onto a CD-R disc, a floppy, or USB Flash Drive. Since ALL your files will be lost during a format, it's important that you regularly make backups.

    Step Two:

    Create a Boot (Startup) Disk.

    This can be done by going to the Start Menu and then clicking on "Settings>Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs."

    There should now be a tab for "Startup Disk". Click on it and follow the directions.

    Step Three:

    Once you've completed making a Startup Disk you can now shut down your computer.

    Step Four:

    Once the computer is off, place your Startup Disk into the A:\ drive. Now, turn your computer back on.

    Step Five:

    The computer should boot to the DOS command prompt. The screen should say "A:\"

    Next, type in the following (omitting the quotations): "format c:"

    Press enter. At this point a message will appear asking for confirmation. Type "y" to answer yes.

    The format will begin.

    Step Six:

    Once it's done formatting the hard drive it will ask for a Volume Label. This is just a name you can give it. You can pick anything. "Fred" for example.

    Now that the format is complete the command prompt should say "C:\"

    At this point, your hard drive is empty.

    Step Seven:

    You can now turn off your computer.

    Restart your computer and you'll get a message saying "non-system disk error." This is fine, it just means that there's no Windows.

    Insert the Windows CD.

    After you've inserted the Windows disc, type in the following simultaneously:


    Windows Setup will now begin. Follow the instructions. You've just completed formatting your hard drive.



    This article is the work/opinion of ScrewUpgrading only. I don't speak for MSFN or anyone else here. Follow my instructions at your own risk, no one here is liable. :)

    *nicely suggested by jaclaz.

  7. I've reinstalled over the existing installation twice (once to remove the Unofficial Service Pack).

    And it still works like crap?

    I'd reformat that thing.

    Go to my computer. Right click on the A:\ drive, and select "create system disk." Or whatever it's called in Windows 98. (For Windows ME you go to the control panel's Add/Remove thingy, not my computer. Basically, just right click on crap until you find something for making the system disk)

    So, make a boot disk using the above method.

    Then turn the computer off.

    Then place the floppy disk into the drive while the computer is OFF.

    Turn the computer back on.

    When the computer loads to the DOS prompt it should say "A:\"

    Then type: "Format C:" and hit enter.

    Then hit "Y" for yes, it will erase EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN. AND magically fix everything! I guarantee it.

    Then pop in your Windows 98 CD and install.

    ^^^ This will 100% fix your computer.

    Oh and, if there's no FORMAT.COM created on the boot disk (Microsoft's evil attempt to screw with you!!!) copy FORMAT.COM to the boot disk you just made. It should be somwhere in the Windows folder.

  8. In DOS terminology:

    Boot Disk or Emergency Boot Disk = floppy diskette. :)

    Yes, a floppy disk that's capable of booting your system. Not the Windows 98 CD.

    You could use the Windows 98 CD to overwrite everything though. :)

  9. Yes, just ignore all the "       " crap.

    Basically what you'll be doing is changing the file attributes to Read Only, System, and Hidden File.

    Plus then you'll be renaming two files: dblspace.bin, drvspace.bin


    I hope you have a BOOT DISK handy. Just in case you need to re-rename those files. In case it makes it worse.

  10. From your bootlog:

    [000FF318] Dynamic load failed C:\WINDOWS\system\MRCI.VXD : [000FF318] File not found


    [000FF272] LoadFailed = ndis2sup.vxd

    Obviously, you're missing some important files. Or else they're corrupted. Something isn't loading right.

  11. Yeah, usually those file errors are created right after the failed boot attempt like you reported.

    It will take longer, but have you also tried running a "surface scan" using scandisk? There might be some bad clusters on your disk, and perhaps they haven't been marked yet, depending on the last time your ran a surface scan, if ever. Just a suggestion. I know that's a pain in the butt (takes my computer about 10 hours), but it's worthwhile to do every few months.

    If it comes back where the hard disk has NO bad sectors, then I'd format the disk and reinstall windows. If it DOES have bad sectors/clusters, then I'd look into replacing the hard drive.

    Other than that, I don' know what to tell you. If the hard drive is %100 okay, then good. If not, then personally I'd toss it. I hope you have a good copy of Windows 98 on CD.??

  12. Does the computer boot normally after hitting the power button?

    -Sure, post the bootlog.txt file, it couldn't hurt. More info the better.

    -this may sound dumb, but have you tried running scandisk? (if you haven't, turn off the background programs by right clicking their icons on the system tray, and exiting whatever programs are running. Then run scandisk.)

  13. Jefferson Airplane - Blues From an Airplane

    Jefferson Airplane - Somebody to Love

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    Jefferson Airplane - Lather

    The Doors - Been Down So Long

    The Doors - Cars Hiss by My Window

    Jefferson Airplane - Today

    Velvet Underground - Heroin

    The Doors - Hyacinth House

    Neil Young - On The Beach

    Eric Clapton - Promises

    Pink Floyd - Cluster One

    David Gilmour - Red Sky at Night

    Band of Horses - No One's Gonna Love You

    Feist - How Come You Never Go There

    Foster the People - Helena Beat

    Adele - Rolling in the Deep

    Stone Temple Pilots - Dead and Bloated

    Pearl Jam - Black

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