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  1. Is it possible to download and save to disk DirectX 9.0c End-User Runtime? When I tried to download from the Microsoft website, dxwebsetup.exe [309 KB] was saved to disk, the running of which leads to a 7.9 MB download and installation of DirectX 9.0c End-User Runtime without the option of saving.
  2. New display drivers solved the problems.
  3. Scrolling, web page or Wordpad document, when holding the left mouse button while on the scroll bar, is extremely slow. Left clicking the scroll bar or using the mouse wheel within the page or document is imprecise, the page or doc. continuing to scroll for 1- 2 seconds after mouse button or wheel action stopped. Occasional web pages seem to load differently - this has only been happening since the scrolling issue arose. Disabling hardware acceleration at Display Properties fixes the aforementioned problems, but is hardly an ideal solution. Intermediate levels of hardware acceleration, between none and full, do not achieve this. The OS is Win. XP Home Edit. SP1 and the graphics card is a GigaByte ATi Radeon 9200SE, 3 weeks old. Any thoughts, advice on this matter would be appreciated.
  4. When reseating a video card need, or should, the driver be uninstalled, reinstalled?
  5. I'm seeking device driver backup software - freeware or purchase - to enable driver restoration after an OS reinstall. A quick search brings up quite a few candidates and all read well - which may, or may not, be the case. Not knowing anything of such products, I would appreciate any comments, advice, or experiences regarding same.
  6. With reference to AVG 7.0 Free Edition: [http://free.grisoft.com/freeweb.php/doc/1/lng/us/tpl/v5] "Click here to upgrade your current AVG Free to the New AVG Free Edition! Your current AVG Free Edition will be uninstalled during the installation process of the New AVG Free Edition." Although this statement appears at the AVG [Grisoft] website is it best to manually uninstall AVG 6.0 before installing AVG 7.0?
  7. WDGC

    Product Key.

    HP computer, about 3 years old, purchased new, Windows XP Home Edition pre-installed, HP recovery partition and HP recovery discs. 2 programs, Everest vers. 1.10 and Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder v1.41, each show the same XP product key, however, it is different from the product key appearing on the COA sticker. If OS reactivation is ever required which product key should be used?
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