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  1. I've cut and pasted them into the Windows folder and that seems to work, I then put a shortcut to the MSEUPD_Vista.cmd file onto the desktop for easy updating. I'm just using it on this older laptop as its lightweight and doesn't use up much system resources unlike some I've used in the past. Which lightweight modern alternative would you recommend? I know most people would say to upgrade to Windows 7 at-least, but to be honest its a bit of a hassle for a secondary machine.
  2. Thanks, that alternate link worked! I'm not real good with this sort of thing, how do I use these files? When I double click the .cmd file it tells me it can't find wget.
  3. How did you manage to get MSE to update? Mine is now stuck at this and manually clicking update doesn't find anything. I'm using Vista 32 bit, I even tried going here https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/wdsi/definitions and downloading manually for Microsoft Security Essentials. But when I run it nothing really happens, a bit of disk activity then nothing.
  4. Thanks, 1. Because the Windows XP SP2 disc will not recognise the SATA hard drive. (Hard drive works fine). 2. I am not sure, it is a laptop which gives no options in the BIOS to change SATA mode. 3. One from the nvidia website as I have no idea which one of yours to download. 4. The disc is a Windows XP SP2 disc, the problem is that it does not give me an option to do text mode in nlite. BTW this is a compaq F500 laptop. Thanks.
  5. It wont let me integrate the sata_ide driver as a textmode driver, only a pnp driver (no option box comes up). this is for nforce 430. What should I do? Thanks,

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