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  1. Thanks its booting now but problem is its showinging to blue screen after booting. Can i run whole virtual machine or like software by using grub4dos
  2. When i start My pc it automatically restered and there is no boot screen all MB is working good and its starts fan lite and everything. I tried clearing bios but failed , replacing ram also failed. I want to re installing bios . please help me.
  3. Well mainly i am trying to run a separate xp from usb drive. well it is giving this error:-- map /deb.vhd (hd0) Autodetect number-of-heads failed. Use Default Value 255 Autodetect number-of-track failed. Use Default Value 63 root (hd0,0) Error 5 : Partition Table Invali or courrept. Please help me by solving this.
  4. Hello to all first. I have fully function valid virtual box/pc hard disk, but when i am going to mount this i found errors that partitions are not valid some one please help me. and if you know anything about it please share with me it will be grate full thanks. i use this command to mount in menu.lst. title Boot XP from image file map /debjit.vhd (hd0) map --rd-size=2048 map --mem (rd)+4 (0x55) map --hook write (0x55) #GRUB4DOS\x00v=1\x00xp.vhd\x00\x80\x00 root (hd0,0) chainloader /ntldr another title Boot XP from image file map /deb.vhd (hd0) map --hook root (hd0,0) chainloader /ntldr boot Please reply soon. plese help my thanks
  5. yes thats problem i am facing i applyed them but found something wrong and giving an error that lots of like .inf r missing something they didnt find any os setupfile. My all files are continuous and difregmented also.
  6. Can i use 2 or more xp version simultaneously, like mediacenter ,xp2 mini , xp3, xp3 mini xp etc...? And how to do that?
  7. Well i did but there is some problem i think some of my isos are not loding correctly i meant to say live cds are not running i am uploding the menu.lst file that you can gyes take a look at it i think then you can tell me where i did wrong. (Well i changed ext with .txt insteed of .lst)
  8. NOone is telling you to load the .iso in memory, we are all suggesting you to map the .iso directly, i.e. WITHOUT using --mem mapping. jaclaz As you sen here i am new here and dont know how to do this please tell me how to do this. it will be a grate help. And please tell how to add live cd image into it.
  9. I dont want any iso to load in memory i want to extract the iso in one folder and when i press menu key it loads like windows xp do. well i am new in this field and thats why i need a little help. actually i need a service usb device with < SOME WAREZ > windows xp and linux within it.
  10. Well i found when i add an mintos linux its just copy the total dvd iso files and when i am running this into my old p4 with 512 mb ram its giving not enough memory , its not i want . i want that also book like live cd or dvd . well iso is about 835 mb . Please make it happend. thanks in advance.
  11. I uses the XBoot to creating but Failed, because the problem is its wanting too much memory. i mean it the iso is 1gb it need 1gb + 300 mb memory. so that is a problem in some low memory machines. otherwise its grate to use.
  12. I want to make this usb i want them in one usb for my hardware work please help me by telling how to make this thanks in advance. Well i want to run setup from usb not to install xp/w7 into usb. i want to make boor up menu like this: 1 . WAREZ 2. Ubcd 3. Windows 98 4. Windows Xp 5. Windows 7 6. others 7. others 8 . others 9. others 10 . others and i know a little programming so if you do some more graphical user interface will be better, thanks for your help. well i uses this tutorial to make a usb , and its working . thats why i am asking , well i am a hardware lerner and need to set all the software into one disk please help. that will be grate help. thanks.

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