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  1. Hi @all After i have recorded the Setup with the '-r' switch, the setup keeps telling that there's some information missing (return code -3). After more investigation i've found that the first dialog won't get recorded - custom dialog maybe. Is there any way to get the name (DialogIdentifier) of the dialog so i can completet the iss file manually? thanks in advance!
  2. basically, its just the windows 8 setup source with an modified windows 7 install.wim including the drivers. Tested with Windows 7/8 Enterprise sources. i don't know if its working with multi language wim's but i assume that the setup mechanism of windows 8 is almost the same beside of some minor adapations. so it should work too Here's a step by step guide: 1. copy the complete content of the Windows 8 DVD into your install source directory copy DVD:\*.* C:\InstallSource\OS\W7x642. Copy the install.wim from Windows Windows 7 source to a temp directory copy DVD:\sources\install.wim C:\temp\in
  3. thanks for your reply the driver injection works whithout any error. But after the bootfile ist transferred, the winpe won't boot correclty. the windows 8 logo shows up and get stuck with the circle turning ... forever. searched a while for another driver and found one whiche has both information NT5.2 and NT6.2 but it didn't change anything. meanwhile i've found another approach which gives me a workaround. i exchanged the windows 7 setup files with the ones from the windows 8 DVD but still used the install.wim from the windows 7 sources. et voilà the only thing to do is to incllude the the
  4. WinPE 4 and Windows 7 storage driver (critical) problem Hi @all i'm triyin to create a universal staging platform. As base i want ot use a WinPE 4 x64 image which gets delivered via PXE and then start the setup process in unattend mode from a network share. The installation works fine on VMWare or machines where the hardware is already supported. i've only a problem with hardware which needs driver included. The setup starts but stops with the Error "Windows cannot locate the disk and partition specified in the unatted answer file's <ImageInstall>. Make sure the setting references a v
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