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  1. i konw....but i must change order of the partition to view movies on divx player...the player find partition only if it's the first in partition table.... i tried three time to hide and unhide partition and seems be that the problem...
  2. i used beta 9, first i deleted all files of windows 7...then i used winsetup. i tried boot...when i select win7 setup on grub, i select first part of installation (partition 1) and works!! Then i aborted, i suppose that i will select the second stage of installation when system reboot . correct? old procedure has only one stage, the problem is it? EDIT: probabibly i found the mistake: with BOOTICE i hid partition used with Winsetup then i tried to boot windows and it doesn't work !!! i tried disconnect it but it doesn't work.... then i unhid partition and it WORKS!!! probably i hid partition also when i used winsetup 0.2.3 and the only time that it worked because partition was unhide...
  3. there are 3 things that i don't say: 1) i use WD hard drive 3.0....if i connect it on 3.0 ports, it doesn't boot!! no problem...i use 2.0 port 2) i created 4 partitions...i use 2nd partition (NTFS) in a table on winsetup. 3) yesterday, i don't konw how, it worked properly one time, no popup cd/dvd driver ecc....when i try another time it doesn't work... i thought that was possible modify menu.lst or other files to arrive at the same result of winsetup 1.0 beta 8...
  4. Try again this time using latest Beta, 1.0 beta8. This is a known issue when the 7 is used as ".iso", but from what you write you are using a "flat" setup : jaclaz thank you...can i use 1.0 beta 8 without format partition? Is there a solution modify manually some files?
  5. hi, i used WinSetupfromUsb 0.2.3 on my external hard drive with Win7 and ubuntu 12.10. First, i decompress Win7 iso in a folder then i browse that folder in WInSetupFromUsb and finally browse Ubuntu Live iso. I try to boot them and both start fine. But when i select Win7, when i press Install button in setup screen, a popup alert me that cd/dvd driver is missing. i don't undersrand why.... if i burn same iso in a dvd there's no problem... This in my "menu.lst" color light-cyan/blue light-red/blue timeout -1 default /default title Setup Windows root (hd0,1) chainloader /bootmgr title Live Ubuntu 12.10 x86 map --unmap=0:0xff map --unhook root (hd0,1) map /ubuntu-12.10-desktop-i386.iso (0xff) || map --mem /ubuntu-12.10-desktop-i386.iso (0xff) map --hook root (0xff) kernel /casper/vmlinuz file=/cdrom/preseed/ubuntu.seed boot=casper iso-scan/filename=/ubuntu-12.10-desktop-i386.iso quiet splash -- errorcheck off initrd /casper/initrd.lz initrd /casper/initrd.gz errorcheck on map --unmap=0:0xff
  6. Yep , the last screenshot is "perfect" jaclaz thanks god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Maybe it's better if you use the GUI version, use 4096: http://www.ridgecrop.demon.co.uk/index.htm?guiformat.htm I don't think so, it sounds "strange" to me. :unsrure: From what you say, it seems like your MacOSx (or the way you have set it or use it) uses GPT partitions ONLY. If this is the case, it's outside my area of knowledge/experience, but you will need some dedicated tool and possibly a hybrid setup, start from here: http://reboot.pro/11600/page__st__32 BTW, this partitioning problem has slowly but steadily been diverted from Original Topic. I will move all related posts to a new thread, as to "unclog" this already very long thread, as soon as you acknowledge this. JFYI, while you were playing with your hard disk , someone has been working : http://www.911cd.net/forums//index.php?showtopic=24392&st=10 Once solved this other problem, the USB_Part_Flip.exe should be able to easen the implementation of the partition entry exchanging. jaclaz maybe i solved with gParted live....i created all partitions with it (it supports also hfs+ partitions...), and i aligned them to cylinders...then i use dtitool on first two partitions...then i used winsetup, copy a movie in fat32 partition...divx reader works....grub works...OS setup works...all works.... ...if you say me that partition table is correct, the problem is solved...
  8. tomorrow i will try it.....what 's the correct allocation unit size i must use on new tool? i can create partitions with mac only if there aren't partitions......(probably cause mac os doesn't fully support mbr)
  9. Good, now re-write the previous values for the first two partitions, leaving the third untouched. What happens= (the only thing that CANNOT happen is that you lose the "third partition"). OR, delete the first two partitions and recreate them as you did before (still leaving untouched the third partition) jaclaz i did what you say in post #1427 !!! i lost third partition !!!! EDIT: i deleted first two partitions and recreated them...when i recreate second partition with fat32formatter, it destroyed forth partition and modify third in ntfs.....it's crazy!!!!!! then i try to reduce size of second partition and fortam it....same thing!!! it destroyed forth partition and modify third in ntfs
  10. Well, NO. What you report makes no sense. You probably (please read as definitely) did a mistake in inputting the values. (or maybe th etool is not working as expected) Try again, create the 6Gb and the FAT32 partition. DO NOT exchange their entries. Create the MacOSx partition. Report what happens. jaclaz i can't make partition with mac if there are other created partitions...if i create third partition on windows and format it with mac...when i open dtidata all entry in partition table are: 254 63 1023....mac os overwrites all entries on partition table like post #1417 !!!!!!!
  11. ok, i formatted third ntfs partition with mac....no problem....but when opened dtidata...all partitions were 254 63 1023....i tried modify entries in first and second partition with tool: 0/32/33-740/41/5 ecc... but when i restarted os, mac partition disappeared...i opened windows disk management and third partition didn't have file system (unallocated space)....
  12. Add the MacOSx partiion (or whatever). Verify that the first two partitions have not changed (as seen in the DTIdata tool). Re-run WinsetupfromUSBwithGUI. Re-test. jaclaz it's impossible with mac create third partition ....i can only recreate all partitions and then format them....i created third partition with windows and when i tried to format with mac....it says "can't modify partition table...." .... i open dtidata tool and all partitions : 254 63 1023.....f***!.......i recreated 2 partitions and exchanged values with dtidata....i created third and fourth partition and formatted with ntfs..i opened dtidata : first and second partition ok, third and fourth 254 63 1023.....i think that the problem is windows tool and not only mac utility disk....
  13. 1)Use ONLY Windows 7 Disk Management. done 2)Delete EACH and ALL partitions. done 3)Create a new partition, around 6 GB in size, partition it as NTFS, make it ACTIVE. done 4)Create a new partition, around 200 Gb in size done 5)Exit Disk Management. done 6)Use either of the mentioned FAT32 formatting apps to format the 200 Gb partition (drive). fat32formatter doesn't work on partition but only on not allocated space...i created partition with Windows 7 Disk Management and then i format with fat32formatter 7)Verify that you can write and read files on both partitions. done 8)Use the partition tool to EXCHANGE the data in first two lines. done 9)Reboot and check that you can still write and read on both partitions. done 10)Copy a movie or whatever to the FAT32 partition and test if "usb divx reader" works with the disk. done, i can watch movie..... NOW?
  14. Why don't you simply try doing it? Quick selection guide : if it works, no problem if it doesn't work, we will find a way to fix it. I have NO idea whether MacOSx respects cylinder/heads boundary "old" standard or just like Vista :ph34r:/7 allows for fractional end heads/cylinders. In the worst case you can re-partition creating the two first partitions (the NTFS and the FAT32 one) on boundaries. jaclaz i don't know why but my divx reader go also if fat32 partition is second entry on partition table.....mistery! now, i try your method.....
  15. thank you for technical reply, my question is: i must format third partition with HFS+ wiht mac os....if i recreate all partitions correctly and then i format the third with mac, could i destroy partition table as before?? if yes, i think thare're no chances.... @ ilko_t thank you, i will try...but in winsetup.lst file i dosn't find an entry to change... color black/cyan yellow/cyan timeout 10 default /windefault title Back to Main Menu configfile /menu.lst title First part of Windows XP Professional SP3 setup from partition 1 map --unmap=0:0xff map --unhook ls /WINSETUP/XPpSP3.ISO || find --set-root --ignore-cd /WINSETUP/XPpSP3.ISO map /WINSETUP/XPpSP3.ISO (0xff) || map --mem /WINSETUP/XPpSP3.ISO (0xff) savedefault 2 checkrange 0x00,0x01 read 0x8280 && configfile /BOOTWS/fd.lst checkrange 8 calc *0x475 & 0xFF && configfile /BOOTWS/8.lst checkrange 7 calc *0x475 & 0xFF && configfile /BOOTWS/7.lst checkrange 6 calc *0x475 & 0xFF && configfile /BOOTWS/6.lst checkrange 5 calc *0x475 & 0xFF && configfile /BOOTWS/5.lst checkrange 4 calc *0x475 & 0xFF && configfile /BOOTWS/4.lst checkrange 3 calc *0x475 & 0xFF && configfile /BOOTWS/3.lst checkrange 2 calc *0x475 & 0xFF && configfile /BOOTWS/2.lst checkrange 1 calc *0x475 & 0xFF && configfile /BOOTWS/1.lst boot map --unmap=0:0xff map --unhook title Second part of 2000/XP/2003 setup / Boot first internal hard disk checkrange 8 calc *0x475 & 0xFF && configfile /BOOTWS/8.lst checkrange 7 calc *0x475 & 0xFF && configfile /BOOTWS/7.lst checkrange 6 calc *0x475 & 0xFF && configfile /BOOTWS/6.lst checkrange 5 calc *0x475 & 0xFF && configfile /BOOTWS/5.lst checkrange 4 calc *0x475 & 0xFF && configfile /BOOTWS/4.lst checkrange 3 calc *0x475 & 0xFF && configfile /BOOTWS/3.lst checkrange 2 calc *0x475 & 0xFF && configfile /BOOTWS/2.lst checkrange 1 calc *0x475 & 0xFF && configfile /BOOTWS/1.lst boot