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  1. It seems a little confusing (at least to me) whether you need the 2 bundled updates seperately or not. "Updates 3036197 and 3023607 are installed automatically and transparently together with security update 3021952. Updates 3036197 and 3023607 will appear separately in the list of installed updates when it is viewed in the Add Remove Programs or the Programs and Features item in Control Panel. If you already have security update 3021952 installed, you will notice that security update 3021952 will be reoffered by Windows Update or by WSUS if updates 3036197 and 3023607 apply to your computer but were not installed. Installing three packages together will require only one restart." If I installed the proper 3021952, shouldn't the 2 bundled updates be there installed too (when you install 3021952)? Or why might I have not have them as suggested by MS? edit: ok more instructions here: You must first install the following KBs: KB3021952 and KB3023607 After you verify that 3021952 has successfully installed, install KB3034196.I installed KB3021952 and then KB3034196 and left it at that. I must be missing KB3023607.
  2. The IE11-Windows6.1-KB3021952-x64.msu file in your lists I believe is a MS mistake which they fixed on the technet download links, but elsewhere? The correct size is 52,267,471 bytes and the SHA-1 is 33AE2C3AC484A0EE9BA13597938F7AD0FA210F7A The one in your current list is 28,271,691 bytes and 34C3E214F853CE20E8E787276893FE210EBACBD6. I think MS used 32 bit IE11 one instead of 64 bit.
  3. Hey steven, Great advice and support Been building my ISO's with your updates (all the correct integrate ones only) using DISM command line method. It seems upon installing win7x64 integrated ISO, there are some .NET warnings ".NET Runtime Optimization Service Version or flavor did not match with repository" in Event Viewer. Wasn't bothered by them until installing more .NET security fixes and the same errors were popping up after the patches run. FYI I use the ngen -executequeueditems flag to compile after a reboot of the updates. The most recent patch Tuesday produced 78 of the '.NET Runtime Optimization Service Version or flavor did not match with repository warnings' with different targets. Looking back, there are those warnings each time a new .NET patch is run. Is there something I special I need to do with DISM to integrate .NET 3.5.1 security patches or is it the warnings just something we have to live with with integration?

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