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  1. Notepad++ 7.9.2 is the last version of Notepad++ that will run on Windows XP. Says so in the Notepad++ v7.9.3 release notes.
  2. Thanks @RainyShadow! That's it. I was able to extract the icons from browseui.dll using ResourcesExtract. They are long strips of icons with all the icons in one long bitmap with a magenta background. I wasn't expecting that.
  3. I am trying to find where the Internet Explorer toolbar icons are. I have tried various things to find them but I haven't been able to. I tried using IconsExtract to search through iexplore.exe but I didn't find the toolbar icons. Didn't find them using Resource Hacker either. I even went as far as to have IconsExtract search every file on the C: drive for icons but I did not see the Internet Explorer toolbar icons when scrolling through the 1551 icons IconsExtract found on the hard drive. I tried doing some research, but I couldn't really find anything relevant. Does anyone know what file these icons are stored in and how I would extract them? I have included an image highlighting the icons I am looking for.
  4. It turns out that the partition was not set as active. I went into fdisk and noticed that it said that there was no active partition set. So I set the partition as active with fdisk and it's now bootable. Then I installed the compact flash to IDE adapter into the Versa SX laptop, and successfully installed Windows 98SE.
  5. I didn't partition it, I just formatted it as FAT32 using Windows Explorer. I'll try partitioning it with fdisk.
  6. I just got an NEC Versa SX laptop. I did not come with the optical or floppy drive. It came with a Windows 2000 install. The hard drive doesn't sound very healthy, it clicks a lot. So I want to replace it with a Compact flash card via a Compact Flash to IDE adapter and install Windows 98SE. I copied the Windows 98SE setup files to the compact flash card via my modern PC and a USB card reader. Now I need to run the Windows 98 setup program to install Windows 98 onto the disk. But without a floppy drive or optical drive, I have no way of doing this. I need to make the compact flash card bootable, but I haven't been successful in doing this. The compact flash card is a 133x Transcend 8GB card. I connected the compact flash to IDE adapter internally to a desktop via my adapter. I booted the desktop off a Windows 98 boot and ran SYS C:. I then removed the floppy and restarted the desktop, but the desktop was not able to boot from the compact flash to IDE adapter, so I assume the NEC won't either. I tried running SYS C: twice. Both times it said "System Transferred". Bottom line, I need to make the compact flash card bootable so I can run the Windows 98 setup. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. That's the issue. The backup software does not detect the drive. If I try to use any of the software I get this error: Clicking no gives me this: I did set the parallel port to EPP, but the drive is still not detected. EDIT: I got it to be detected! I downloaded ditwintools.exe from jaclaz's link. The installer was identical to what was on the included floppies, but I think Disk 2 was bad because it gave me alot of read errors. I installed the software from the link, restarted when prompted and this time, unlike before, the new hardware found came up and installed the drive. It is now detected. I just need to get a tape for it and I can start using it.
  8. I got an Iomega Ditto easy 3200 external tape drive for $1.50 at a White Elephant sale. I am trying to use it with my old Packard Bell Multimedia running Windows 95. The box stated it is compatible with 95. I connected it, installed the software from the included floppies and restarted when prompted. But none of the software can find the drive. I've tried changing the settings for the parallel port in the BIOS, but nothing works and it's still not detected. Please help.
  9. I have used your tool and have successfully installed the OEMBIOS files for my gateway laptop. But Windows still wants to be activated and when I put in the key from the bottom of the laptop it says its not a valid key when it is. Am I missing something? Am I doing something wrong?

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