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  1. KernelEx for Win2000

    Hello, I'M running windows 2000 server French version SP4, and i have a software that needs the function called RtlInitUnicodeStringEx normally located into ntdll.dll. I'm confused about which update should i apply on my OS, can you tell me more? Thank you
  2. KDW / FCWIN2K

    Hmmm, yes thank you i had XP apphelp.dll english version, dont remember why. Deleting this dll removed the error popup when browsing into simplewatcher.exe. I'm still investigating a .net framework dependency error. (FileNotFound Exception). It happens when when changing a file or directory into the monitored directory. EDIT: I managed to fully make it work by adding the required .net Framework assemblies into the GAC. I used the tool Gacview to install the assemblies copied from a windows 2003 (with .net framework 3.5 installed). Is there a dedicated tool such as dependency walker for the .net framework dependency issues? Thank you for your help.
  3. KDW / FCWIN2K

    Depends.exe on the .exe file: Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  4. KDW / FCWIN2K

    Hello, i got a software, the freeware Simple watcher, folder monitoring: http://www.simplewatcher.ru/en/ It reports a dependancy error, when clicking ont the "folder" browsing button: Error is a msgbox with: ---------------------------SimpleWatcher.exe - Entry Point Not Found --------------------------- The procedure entry point BaseDumpAppcompatCache could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- I've found out a reference to this API in this thread. Do you think this issue can be fixed? Currently working on a windows 2000 server, french version. Thanks
  5. USSF v1.5.0.0

    Hi, just wana know, is it the last USSF version I'm confused because i've seen a version here
  6. PE Tool for creating patches

    Alright, i will try KDW, didnt know this tool. Also i'd like to know how to add a simple function from one dll into another one using "PE TOOL", is there any how to to do this? The tool i'd like to run under win2k PRO (and 2k PRO server if possible) it's here: here To test the tool , you have to install it under XP+ and then copy the install folder or unpack the installer. Thank you for your help.
  7. PE Tool for creating patches

    Ok i managed to install MS11-011v7 (last one) on my french Win2K advanced server. I dont know if it's same for windows 2000 server or not. After that i found that i got another dependency issue with iphlpapi.dll library. ("The procedure entry point GetIpErrorString could not be located in the dynamic link library iphlpapi.dll") So i thought about installing version from win2k3 server (which has GetIpErrorString function). After that i had another depend with ws2_32.dll (The procedure entry point freeaddrinfo could not be located in the dynamic link library WS2_32.dll). I search onto WildBill patches and found Windows2000-KB2508429-v3-x86-ENU. But after reboot, i got services.exe crashing and 60 second autoreboot counter alert. Dont know what's wrong. I tried to boot into safemode and it works, but not in normal mode. Maybe it has to do with the iphlpapi.dll i directly copy from win2k3 to win2k server.
  8. PE Tool for creating patches

    Isn't it risky to apply english patch onto another language windows? You talk about the patch MS11-011 right? The one that can be found on this page My link ? Thanks for your help! I didnt think what i'd like to do someone else already did! Seems very hard work.
  9. PE Tool for creating patches

    Hi folks, I got a software which is broken under windows 2000 sp4 (french version), because of the function "TzSpecificLocalTimeToSystemTime" which is not into win2k kernel32.dll. I've googled and i've seen this topic is talking about patch and is referencing this function name (TzSpecificLocalTimeToSystemTime). Do you think it's possible to patch kernel32.dll library to add this function? And then make my software compatible with windows 2000. Is it what you do with your custom patches? Regards,