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  1. check your start up folder From start menu - programs - start up ( in classic mode) or root C:\Documents and Settings\ "username" \Start Menu\Programs\startup
  2. sry, i didnt know where to post it, = I'm new here
  3. Ok, I know a lot about how to change icons, programs to use etc. but what I do not know is two things almost every form i've looked at seems to over look. one - when I right click the folder I want to change a icon to, and go to "change icon" it will usually defaults to the system 32 folder. when my icon folder that i use is on my desktop, and has many sub folder in it. this makes things take a while longer then I would like when I'm changing my icons. so I would at the very least like to have this default in the right folder. *note that it does default sometimes, ONLY when i'm changing icons directly on my desktop and this does not happen all the time* two - most of the icons I change aren't key windows programs, files or folders. they are mostly folders that I have created and named my self - most of which are located on my desktop, my back up hard drive. OR sub folders within them either of the two. the other icons I change are shortcuts to programs that I have downloaded. This means that using a program like "icon tweaker" or "icon packager" is utterly useless for me as none of my programs OR folders show up in the programing. It does allow my to change what a folder looks like, the problem here is that my folders all look different. for example: a folder called "smiles" will have a icon of a smiley face while another folder called "Games" will have a icon of Titres or something. I have many folders - each with different icons. This means each time I get a new pc or have a hard drive die on me, or have to formate because of some virus Etc. I have to go back and manually change - literally 100's of icons if not close to 1000!!! so all the "icon" related programs that I've downloaded will not allow me to save or even make these kinds of changes because they are individual custom folders in everything since possible. is there ANYWAY that i can save these settings? I just want to speed up this proses. if even in the slightest. aka - set default of icon searching folder to the right one, as stated in the beginning. Note that I back everything up on a 2nd hard drive once I make all of these icon changes. so whenever I have to format my computer it always looks exactly the same. (name of folders, locations etc. AKA my folders go back to there exact location AND my Folder containing all of the icons used to customize my folder goes back to it's exact location + all of the names will remain the same.

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