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  1. bootskin installer

    i have create bootskin for windows 7 with help of Win7BootUpdater,i want to have bootskin installer,means i want install bootskin which i have create,without Win7BootUpdater,i want my bootskin in .exe so that it could easily install without any support of Win7BootUpdater,as well when it install it keeps all related files of system(computer original files) as backup so that it could restore after i uninstall my bootskin
  2. change volume control

    i want change the background of volume control as shown below,does any one knows which file i have to edit to get my result
  3. its there any one to solve my problem
  4. hi to every one,below is what i want do,i want display each image on clicking button,so would be kind enough to explain in details I'm new to VB,just describe how to link image with button
  5. how to replace windows logo in system properties

    problem solve edit shellbrd.dll (C:\Windows\Branding\ShellBrd\shellbrd.dll) with resource hacker if need any help contact me http://facebook.com/hellriper
  6. i want to replace windows logo in system properties with the logo i have,does any one knows how to do that? it seems little dull so i want replace following one logo with this one
  7. Animated boot skin for windows 7

    thank for help,but till its hard to understand how does it work,can i extract image of boot.bs7 file,so that i can understand better with extract image,is there any way to extract .bs7 file
  8. does any one does how to create animated boot skin for windows 7,i want to create my own animated boot skin for windows 7,does any one have idea how?
  9. ok see below you can see welcome letter postion is change but how,i know we can do this with resource hacker but where should i edit,my friend had done this but he refuse to tell me how he did does any one know this???
  10. windows media player transparency

    its there any one who can help me, i heard my problem can be solve with java script isnt any one interest?
  11. windows media player transparency

    recently i saw windows media player transparency in xp like in windows media player transparency in windows 7,means we can see transparency windows media player 12,i saw exactly same in WMP in xp it look like same as of windows 12 of windows 7, i was in cafe i saw in person laptop, i try to know from him but he refuse to tell me,after having little discussion we should that he was using xp and tod me it can be dont by many programming he didnt by visual studio???but how so i last came here to get my problem slove
  12. {help} start button text {help}

    use explorer.exe open it with resource hacker
  13. How to change window menu

    its on shell32.dll
  14. Many programs are run in windows task manger when computer start up,but there are few programs which i don't used frequently now days,i wan to prevent that program from running in windows task manger when windows start up,i tried msconfig,but there not the program i want to remove and i don't think its right place to stop the program in windows task mange processes,im using windows xp is there any way to solve my problem,i have attach screen shot too.
  15. hi bro r u nepali please replay me