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  1. What option, where?!option 2 after selecting winxp setup from usb What's that, Windows Setup, WinSetupFromUSB program, or anything else?WinSetupFromUSB used gives error 22 no such partition Do you get that error on both machines, or on one of them everything worked fine?tested on both same same error Where and when do you see that error? After starting Setup, or it doesn't start at all?after selecting single option of usb setup then option 2 then black screen with error 22 no such partition the option is boot from partition 1 the third option which boots from hdd. My wild guess is that error comes from grub4dos and the machine in question presents the USB stick as a superfloppy instead of hard disk. Try launching PLoP first- use the auto-format option in WinSetupFromUSB, prepare the USB stick again. When you boot from it, you will have a seconds or two to press F2 to launch PLoP. Then test Setup again. there is not plop launching option only green color screen with one 1 enter pressed then 3 three options one sata drivers 2 one i selected and getting error 22 and 3 for internal boot hdd
  2. i select option it detects hd and usb on acer latop 5736Z and tested on desktop. i am unable to start install process having error 22 after few secs log attached WinSetupFromUSB.7z
  3. ok Jaclaz understood and thanks but read that i will help will take a lot time my friend. i tell what i did i used bart pe later as advised by jfx for diskpart and it doesn't in bart pe. so ubcd is think will be the next option i haven't tried because using rufus for making usb for ubcd is not possible error cant scan iso of ubcd. i used warlock 7 pe iso and spot mau's boot suite for pe boot because using an installed xp vista 7 or 8 etc environment is allowing to format boot partition. or as jfx said use gena or bart pe and xp pe environment ill try gena or ubcd because i think they have more pe system like installed os system options available. i used easeus partition master home free edition and mini tool partiion wizard pro http://www.partitionwizard.com/download.html it has free boot cd now and free version now tell friend these are two best known software as people know how could that be possible that are make more mbr and pbr i created partitions and format using these two sorry again for posting here but understand friend i cant read to much i try my best to do so my brain wont allow me my fatigue level are very unfriendly with me. i dont know what to say but have lots of books on programming and other you name it when ever i make up my mind to read that suckish brain of mine i mean headaches and eye pain stops me to do so now using diskpart how i did it i install xp on third drive i got repaired and from my first installed xp hdd i used diskpart to deleted and create new partition to make compatible with winnt setup. using rufus or cd dvd install is not creating problem with the same partition made by easeus or mini tool programs please i will do as said but if can help here reading this post will saving from a lot of reading which i dont mind and the problem is time my suckish brain and eyes and concentration and focus which my brain and eyes wont allow me whether me and my heart want to or not. believe writing this post is giving same symptoms and problems i mentioned but i am somehow able to that now on but u know reading and understanding requires more and optimal focus and concentration would love to do that. believe me trying to a very good book on ms office borrowed from library but i cant read it trying my best.
  4. jaclaz can you tell me how to check, test or verify where is the problem it there a way to fix by myself if not is there a problem with winnt setup program jaclaz can you tell me how to check these file i uploaded i would love to understand that is there a tool for this jaclaz i tried to press the edit button i mistakenly posted the post is there a way to delete what is wrongly posted ok understood about the last post end words could you make a winnt setup version like this just asking as u told it can be made universal sorry for late understanding this forum edit functions i though we could delete what u mistakenly posted We got the message, you want someone else (not you since you don't know programming) to write something that is (for those that actually know about programming) deemed impossible. ok could u give some tips from where i should start on learning programming i have books on c in three days, java 2, vb 6 i could start doing that rather than receiving responses like that. if u can't help how to check these two files then its fine can i ask the same thing for you jfx how to check these files i remember the days when i worked in kalsoft those fastians graduate developers had the same attitude problem with me that why i left the job lets start asking how to start making stuff like that and i serious logical commands and programming is not my field but a response like will drive anyone crazy to which i not there field to do. so where should start in this field lets what i can do my ideas my ways can only done by learning that the only way everybody's happy dont take this personal every thing you want is not always easy. in our religion no one has the right to speak like insulting anyone's skill level our prophet was the who didnt knew how to read write. and everbody know what muhammad (saw) did with the help of only allah subhanuwatahllah god almighty. i wish he was here today to help less literate followers of his so we dont ask and receive responses like that in forums. having knowledge is nothing but the have knowledge and spreading and teaching to those who are weak is the best person among all in the of allah. again dont take it personnel i have this knowledge of quran and sunnah and i dont feel proud when knowledge somebody need help in joining or sharing. its very commoner right given by allah to every common muslim its anyone complusory duty to do not a favor or something. some code in this post has mixed the edited posts i made so far could any one fix this
  5. the iodd drive is good but how making a software like that one for any usb or hdd internal or external i have usb ddvd writer but i am fed up with writing again and again making new iso cd' dvd's and usb is time consuming for anyone that i why i thought i should ask people to make a software like iodd portable virtual drive because when its broke you have buy again and keeping lot removable things is brain twisting your best device is your internal hdd is guess which comes with any pc you get. cdemu man that the one i think will needed to make for windows or how about cdemu standalone program having its self os built in well just a thought
  6. how to make solution is it a bad or stupid idea a self bootable program like yours without preparation usb from usb or hdd what i mean is there a way to the os iso or any cd dvd format and run directly from locating the path from hdd or usb using hdd space for installation process. how hacking and code breaking take over these limits eg console emulators makers converting console hardware to software is emulating how about creating a pe os installer or a program which boots and its loads self to hdd or ram which ever is best and then provide options to install take control over or supports these issues & limitations of virtual drive, ram, and protected mode os other stuff you talked about
  7. that xp pro corp source is converted mce 2005 winnt setup cant locate this file during setup we have to locate manually. L:\Copy of MCE\CMPNENTS\MEDIACTR\I386\MEDIACTR.cab few ex. files it couldn't find ill tell later when i install again and note them two addons which install after we create initial account and setup basic xp settings are not installing ROE_SageThumbs20015_addon.cab ROE_uTorrent_addon_3.2.1B28025.cab we can not manually locate them because on browse button is available jfx if we want to use the repair option or revovery console mode how can we used that could add a setup option for that. i mean when selecting partitions for setuo to set up initial phase. you add the repair or recovery console mode prompt in the set up phase built in. Can anyone make a univeral OS Installer Utility portable one i created a thread there please i know its big and have arguments but i have explained how to make one after the arguments please its a need for any one who wants independent solution like without in an os environment i know its difficult please read and take your time to think about a bootable virtual cd dvd emulator contains self os features like running a virtual drive running in windows and the cd dvd file works flawlessly inside without errors making a self bootable portable program is not an old concept i guess as to my knowledge once its developed entire world would give respect to the maker. the thread i created please read its big http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10047 i wish to be a part in this project but i have no programming skills. and the arugment part were i speak grow up developers is not for jfx, steve, and pete barted there are doing the different stuff i meant the paid one softwares developers. developers who sells the stuff and still dont able make a program rufus, winnt setup, or rmprepusb these three are keeping the installation process and problems in safe zone.
  8. i have used rmprepusb i have 1.5 gb ram and i made a iso bigger than ram size i have is there a way to install xp vista 7 8 through internal HDD i mean iso can be loaded to hdd's virtual memory like page file or something like virtual ram. because vista 7 8 xp iso i would like make a bigger one in the future with lots of app addons because the nature of apps i add the size gets bigger. i have used rufus, winnt setup but the problem is like win 98 se setup extracted to a location on hdd one can easily run setup via loading dos and locating partition and run setup and no usb and no cd require and installation period was the fastest. is there a way to install xp vista 7 8 like that i mean through two ways through iso file and extracted setup files i mean a program when we boot pc and before os runs that program os installer or manager or you name it runs and asks for location of iso or setup files location of your liking i mean starting from windows version whether from usb or through installing it to hdd from installed windows or through pe enviroment installing to hdd and then running setup of favourite os'es without the need of removable drives like usb usb hdd cd dvd. i know it sound crazy but have these crazy ideas in my mind and i am not programmer i wish i was so i could develop a tool which run without even install it and like portable version of os installer like winnt setup but without the need to run through pe or within in os already installed. i mean a program which we copy to usb or hdd or cd or usb hdd you name works and installs the almost any os for setup files or iso or any know methods. sorry its not your responsibility but i am just asking i have just three of these rmprepusb rufus and winnt setup. are there any other i dont know please provide assitance. Regards AQM
  9. is there an alternate for installing xp like winnt setup from internal hdd to internal hdd successfully like these nlited or rvmi slipstreamed iso's i have used rufus and winnt setup and i found out that my xp install gets corrupted and i could found how during setup i found no errors of install only in winnt setup it asks for paths it couldn't locate manually we have to locate the extracted iso for missing files it could find on winnt setup based folders at installation partition. my question is that is the cd install is the only to install custom or nlited or rvmi based iso's is it the only to successfully install xp its very slow with cd install do you guys have a best way successful way to install xp through usb or internal hdd install method. if there isnt then we have to burn and waste dvd-r every time we have to install a complete upto date and custom addons xp iso's i know rmprepusb rufus and winnt setup they are fast and easy to understand without having deep technical know how do guys have best solutions than these help would be extremely aprreciated
  10. jaclaz can you tell me how to check, test or verify where is the problem it there a way to fix by myself if not is there a problem with winnt setup program
  11. jfx creating partition with diskpart method works now setups working. one problem its missing a file name msvbvm50.dll during txt mode i have used the same iso with usb method using rufus and rmprepusb both methods works without missing any file and no errors during xp setup. is there program alternative for diskpart like mouse base non command line program which will be compatible with winnt setup i tried to find a front end through google ill search more results so far couldn't any front ends.
  12. hmm, that strange cause bootcode is written correctly BIOS should be the problem. But same issue with two different boards Well, it's only an idea that diskpart or diskmanagment under xp can create a more compatible partition. how to diskpart is it another program like bart pe or like gena
  13. Thanks.Starting offset / Alignment is okay. MBR and PBR also are good. Maybe it is really a BIOS problem? Last idea, would be to use diskpart under xp and clean the whole disk and create a new partition. Jfx i have tested this on two different motherboards one is GigaByte GA-965P DS3 other one is p5sd2-vm asus both have the same problem. i formatted partitions using minitool partition wizard professional. what is diskpart my hdd contains data its 500 gb what to do which partitions i need to create new the boot one or xp one and i remember i have this time tested in single partition of 80 gb hdd same issue
  14. Files.7z ok tested in bart pe xp from usb but the same problem of cursor blinking after bios post both files are files.7z the website is not allowing .dat or .log to upload so i made a 7zip fileFiles.7z
  15. Dear i have installed through usb method and formatted the xp logical partition where these files were ill try to make again and distribute my system config for you as you know formatting xp partition and boot one will not install and i have to use another hdd or pc to fix my hdd and rebuild boot files through easy bcd. i have tested this xp setup on vista 7 bootloader through that it add xp's windows setup entry and selecting this entry runs xp setup but because of formatting xp partition not the boot partition it stucks at after dos txt mode phase completes then gives error of ntoskrnl.exe is missing or corrupt "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: <Windows root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe. Please re-install a copy of the above file" i have tried spotmau and wondershare iso on usb tried to fix this error they are capable of fixing this issue they cant fix it bootmanager of vista 7 fixes through that only formatting the boot partition and then installing xp through usb or cd and after successful install i use easybcd on vista 7 to rebuild boot files of vista and 7 and adds xp entry it automatically find correct partition fix the xp boot issue. but this procedure requires another hdd with vista installed on it or another pc with vista to rebuild boot files of vista and 7. it never happens when we not format the xp partition and delete the contents of xp partition but i found strange hidden space usage in xp partition which cant be cleared through any cleanup utilities and that space cant be shown by any partition program the only way found a way to tackle that hidden space usage was to format xp partition and made two partition .5 gb or 556mb partition for boot primary and 40 gb for others logical partitions. jfx where can i find bart pe or gena ill try google and one more thing is necessary to use xp pe or gena 7 pe is used is far better than these i guess