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  1. 98 SE SP 3.32

    I have a strange problem here. just put "beta4" on a clean 98lite-chubby w98. then installed this sumatraPDF app. associated to pdf. double clicking on a pdf-file briefly pops up that app and immediately closing the app again. same is true for chm file (HH.exe) . ????
  2. WIN98SE, recommeded Servicepacks

    funny though, i installed nusb33 (with all USB devices detached) , rebooted.... no change ? somewhere i red version 33 is only for USB2.0 enhanced USB. how do you exactly install that thing ?
  3. WIN98SE Network neighborhood problem

    OK, this would be "the static version". nevertheless, has anybody ever checked if his router supports DNS for LAN?
  4. WIN98SE, recommeded Servicepacks

    i have a computer with USB 1.1. Is NUB33 compatible?
  5. WIN98SE Network neighborhood problem

    Well im quoting myself ;-) Has anybody experience in "DSL-router acting as DNS server" ???? Any other Networking scheme besides microsoft network??
  6. WIN98SE, recommeded Servicepacks

    might do a new install with 98lite set "chubby". USB drivers: get a bit confused about NUSB33.exe. It says, "need to install NUSB.exe first" in the install info text??? I would like to see USB-sticks, USB harddisks, USBcamera, USB video capture sticks to be modernly supported. (wish) Whats this VIA11 image pack ? any suggestions?
  7. WIN98SE, recommeded Servicepacks

    Thanks! Is it actually important in what order you install. 98lite first or after the update packs?
  8. WIN98SE Network neighborhood problem

    addendum...: On win98se, just tried "Start-Find-Computer: XP-machine". haa, it works. It then gives you acces to shared folders. You can open files etc. But. not appearing in Netw. neighb. ??? ooouuu.
  9. WIN98SE, recommeded Servicepacks

    OK, understand, i am just using the "freeware" version that only supplys "sleek". maybe i should reinstall with just 98lite-option to uninstall iexplore. i mean it would be nice to get rid of all the Web.integration and just have a plain OS to build on. Do you actually recommend using 98lite?
  10. WIN98SE Network neighborhood problem

    some progress...: The reason why these two computers cant see eachother was: node-type if you run ipconfig/all, there is an entry node-type: peer-peer or something else on win98se it was : broadcast on winxp it was: peer-peer This applys to netbios protocoll being enabled on both computers. On my XP-machine it was set to "peer-peer", on the WIN98se it was "broadcast". peer-peer means, use WINS protocoll to resolve name to IP conversion. Broadcast means, send a broadcast to all computers and the one with the given name shall respond giving me its ip-address. After setting the XP-machine to "broadcast", ping by name worked. To change it in XP you have to change a registry entry.... HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\NetBT\Parameters\DhcpNodeType to 1 (broadcast) or 8 (hybrid) The current status is: XP can access WIN98SE via network-neighb. and transfer files. WIn98SE cant see the XP-node at all in netw. neighb. ???? Furthermore i understand, that WITHOUT NETBIOS, name to IP resolution would require a working DNS server. I was thinking that my DSL-router 4-port HUB would supply this. (Zycel router). But wrong. It supplys a DHCP Server but no DNS server for LAN. All it does is forwarding DNS requests to the ISP providers DNS server, that would probably not know about your LAN- computers names. Could it be true, that the ISP DNS-server acts as DNS server for the LAN?
  11. after japan, i got influenca?! without firewall.
  12. WIN98SE Network neighborhood problem

    well, this is going to be tricky. again: winxp and win98se are connected by cable via a DSLmodem-router (4port-HUB) . The HUB cannot act as a DNS Server, but supports DHCP, which is set on both computers. A ping ipaddress works both ways. A ping by name does not work either way. This maybe the reason they do not see eachother. ??
  13. WIN98SE, recommeded Servicepacks

    ok, what influence will this implicate on the OS performance?
  14. Yap, thats a wise saying...! hello!

  15. Dear Forum, Being an older computer programmer, i quite like the Win98 operating system because i have some "aged" development applications that have to be maintained over the years, based on WIN98. What i dont like is the Web integration in WIN98. Browsing the net you find so many "recommendations" on what custom service pack you should use to get a fast lean WIN98SE. This is quite confusing. Well, i just have this: WIN98SE 98lite-sleek unofficial servicepack 2.1a. current USB drivers would be nice. (remark: i do not intend to put w98 on an AMD 6-core) Maybe you can give me some recommendations on : - what current service packs are proven good (and what they include) - install order - where to get it. thanks.