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  1. Yes, I agree i have USED his UI, But not the coding.... Also I am ready to compare my coding to Ben If wish to make every thing clear, As He stays just about 25 KM far from House. OK, Today I am gonna upload v1.1, Check it out and does it really still look like RT 7 Lite. Are you kidding me, you are 25km from where Ben stays? And still you have the audacity? Whether or not you have utilized his UI, I ran some quick tests on this software you have claimed as yours and it is merely the same thing from what I can tell. If you only used his UI then why would he post this: You are on your way to some very big trouble youngster so I would suggest that you figure out something to do other than take credit for others who have put their hard work into creating and developing apps. I even tried to post on your website when I first saw this to kindly ask you about it and you never once allowed my post to be visible over there so my question is what are you hiding? Anyway, I am done with this topic just wanted to see if you had come clean or not and it's quite obvious you won't be.
  2. Hello from California

    Hello guys and gals. Just wanted to introduce myself. I love to build custom windows and play lots of PC games. I'm a network & computer technician/ security integrator by day. A lot of you might know me from other forums but never formally introduced myself here. Nice site and wish I would have found my way here sooner. Will definitely bookmark you guys and sitck around and try to add somethings to your fourm.
  3. Sad story for Ben mostly that someone is trying to take credit for his works. I downloaded this just to take a look at it and it is definitely Bens work. I don't see how someone could have the audacity to try and take credit for something they did not create that is so widely known and used. What is disturbing is that if Nishant had the talent to be able to add on support for Windows 8 and boot editing I am sure Benjamin would have loved to have him on the development team. Oh well such is life and thanks for the heads up on this guys.