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  1. i think he quotting it from other source,.. i decided to pm sarf2k4(the one who post it) this how the reply goes.. Hi, kindly refer to this blog post of mine about WPT, http://sarf2k4.blogspot.com/2011/02/windows-performance-toolkit-wpt.html My laptop has been very slow at booting lately and running WPT won't do any good as well, this problem mainly lies on windows update I believe, but I didn't say that u should stop windows update, maybe there's something going on with the original win7 home premium bundled with this machine. I've verified about the changing registry in for the wpt to work, but i've confirmed that it's a fake wpt optimization, usually, after u format the pc or installed a full windows update after the format, u would run the wpt, but as the time goes by, the wpt stopped working, even for me and i dont think there's a solution to make the wpt optimizes ur laptop even with the registry fixes hope this information helps he said about try to defrag 1~2 times bfore doing the boot trace in the blog...
  2. tried to delete all the pf n run the command.. but when try to do the boot trace the error still the same..donno why..
  3. positive..see screenshot.. sorry..did u mean prefetch folder in c? C:\Windows\Prefetch and do u mean all the pf files? since its in windows folder i need confirmation 1st..
  4. >Andre i tried change the registry value but still the same... btw i do some google and end up on a thread.. http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/1606856/+1940 there is a post about troubleshoot for this anyway.. i follow it but i just dont get the part for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\SysMain 0 i donno which one need to be set to 0.. the other modification is just the same as in the link site provided.. here the screenshot for my registry value..
  5. >Ice still the same for me..not working.. >andre i end up installing all the updates from window update and installing the hot fixes too.. but still not working.. i quite strange since i can used it before without problem.. until last months.. maybe got something to do with sp1 update??
  6. >Ice will try it later.. >andre which hot fixes do u mean.. i dont really do window update..only do it when there's important fixes.. can u specifies it?some links perhaps..
  7. still the same..rhe same error pop out...
  8. do u mean the OptimizeComplete? yup..checked..
  9. still the same..the same error pop out while waiting for the prefetcher..
  10. sure..here http://www.mediafire.com/?bij5u9ehqnl8ahe
  11. positive..no problem with it.. even in services.msc it run automatically.. in task manager also say that it running..
  12. MagicAndre1981 i have problem.. i hav prob with the tools.. i had used it b4 but it seems to fail now.. here the screenshot.. btw i checked on the ready boost service.. but i cant found them anywhere.. i tried to find it in task manager's services tabs and in services.msc but cant found one.. the superfetch registry value is 3 while the superfetch services launched properly.. plz help.. im using win 7 64x btw..