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  1. Look at for detailed info: WPI Page a little quote: Locate your $oem$\$1\install folder, and extract WPI into this folder. The result should be a new folder $oem$\Install\WPI If your installation path is different, modify it as required. Create or edit install.cmd in $oem$\$1\install (That is, the root of your install folder) and add the folowing line: start /wait %systemdrive%\install\WPI\WPI.HTA See here how my install.cmd looks like: @ECHO OFF rem The following line hides the command window ... cmdow @ /HID ECHO. ECHO Calling WPI ECHO. start /wait %systemdrive%\install\WPI\WPI.HTA exit Edit WPI\wpiscripts\config.js to include the applications you wish to install. See the sample config.js for instructions. Be sure to agree to all associated licenses! This includes all third party licenses. Remove any batch files or installer scripts you used before and that you did not add to wpi, and then add the following lines to your winnt.sif, under your guirunonce section: [GuiRunOnce] %systemdrive%\install\install.cmd Note: If you use a cleanup script, be sure it runs after the WPI scripts, or else WPI will fail to execute. Your custom WPI is finished. Use any steps you normally follow to create a slipstreamed, bootable CD image. It is highly recommended that you test your CD Image as much as possible. Simply doubleclick WPI.hta to open it on your local machine. To test the whole installation process you have 2 options: a spare pc or a virtual machine. Have fun. So I think read the page carefully, and good luck.
  2. Yes, Hasi I'm realy very happy now. This was for me one thing I prefer. Like I said, when making the config file, I made a choice what kind off Apps I would have installed, so after the end of the timer, it looks for me yust easier when WPI just do is thing, so that I can enjoy my freetime..... Thanks for the solution anyway.
  3. Hi all, Lets begin with to say that WPI is a very nice tool. I tried it and it run just fine on VMWare, so I gues it will do the same one my real world pc. I only have a simple question, maybe I overlooked it, so please don't flame me, but after reading the hole 31 pages from this topic, I don't see it. When WPI starts, and after filled the config.js with some applications, where some off them are not always will be installed, and some that I allways would have installed, it comes with a nice screen, with a timer. Nice done I think, just the programs that I wanted are selected, so I go to bed, and let WPI do his thing. And see the next morning the same window with a simple message, and I must click OK :-( Where is in this case the atvantage of a unattended install?? Would it not be logic when WPI starts, and let run the timer ( where you click to timer to stopped it) so that you have the time to add some more, and go futher. But when I would have a simmple install with my only (given in the config file) needed proggs to install, that I can go to bed (or what ever you would do) and that when I came back my pc is ready?? That is the reason for me to made a UNATTENDED INSTALL DVD. Please excuse me iff I have things overlooked, I've a little trouble with all that English, it is not my language. Greets from a Dutchie.
  4. This is a part from Ipswitch site: WS_FTP - How to create a silent install for 7.02 or later Product: Version: Platform: WS_FTP 7.02+ All -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question/Problem: How do I create a Silent install? Answer/Solution: The data for the silent install will be read from a file named setup.iss. Use the suggested contents below or, use the setup program to record your own setup.iss (instructions further below). You can create a file named setup.iss in your c:\windows or your c:\winnt directory (or, in the directory that the WINDIR environment variable points to). Here are contents for setup.iss: [InstallShield Silent] Version=v7.00 File=Response File [File Transfer] OverwrittenReadOnly=NoToAll [{AD88355B-A4E0-4DA1-BAC3-EA4FEA930691}-DlgOrder] Dlg0={AD88355B-A4E0-4DA1-BAC3-EA4FEA930691}-SdWelcome-0 Count=6 Dlg1={AD88355B-A4E0-4DA1-BAC3-EA4FEA930691}-SdLicense2-0 Dlg2={AD88355B-A4E0-4DA1-BAC3-EA4FEA930691}-AskDestPath-0 Dlg3={AD88355B-A4E0-4DA1-BAC3-EA4FEA930691}-SelectFolder-0 Dlg4={AD88355B-A4E0-4DA1-BAC3-EA4FEA930691}-SdStartCopy-0 Dlg5={AD88355B-A4E0-4DA1-BAC3-EA4FEA930691}-SdFinish-0 [{AD88355B-A4E0-4DA1-BAC3-EA4FEA930691}-SdWelcome-0] Result=1 [{AD88355B-A4E0-4DA1-BAC3-EA4FEA930691}-SdLicense2-0] Result=1 [{AD88355B-A4E0-4DA1-BAC3-EA4FEA930691}-AskDestPath-0] Result=1 szPath=C:\Program Files\Ipswitch\WS_FTP Pro [{AD88355B-A4E0-4DA1-BAC3-EA4FEA930691}-SelectFolder-0] Result=1 szResultFolder=Ipswitch WS_FTP Pro [{AD88355B-A4E0-4DA1-BAC3-EA4FEA930691}-SdStartCopy-0] Result=1 [Application] Name=WS_FTP Version=9 Company=Ipswitch Lang=0009 [{AD88355B-A4E0-4DA1-BAC3-EA4FEA930691}-SdFinish-0] Result=1 bOpt1=1 bOpt2=0 You can edit setup.iss to set data fields for your company. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then, run the install. In version 9, if launched from wsftp90ec.exe: wsftp90ec.exe -s -f1<path>\setup.iss (i.e. -f1c:\winnt\setup.iss) if from a CD image, if setup.iss is in the WINDIR, run: setup.exe -s, or, if setup.iss is in another location run: setup -s -f1\setup.iss -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can also record your own setup.iss using the install. In version 9, you can run: setup -a -r or: wsftp90ec.exe -a -r to record setup.iss in your \windows or \winnt directory. You can edit setup.iss to set data fields for your company. more info at there site @ Knowledge base
  5. yes, is het possible to add my logon in hotmail automatic? I'm one off those guys that forget these info everytime greetss
  6. Hi, First off all I want to excuse me if my English is bad, it isn't my language. B) I have some problem with my unattended install, and I wonna glad to hear what cost it. After the install there are 2 users, Administrator and All Users. For some reason there are installed programs that are showed in the Admin account, and some are in the All Users account. for exsample: the programs DVD Decrypter, Jasc Software, Lavasoft and VMwareare only in the Admin account "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Menu Start\Programma's" and also some ***.lnk are only show there, IExplorer, Outlook, WMPlayer. When I look in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Menu Start\Programma's" these programs and .lnk are there not. Is this normal? Can this being fixt? Can I that All Users account disable? Please some advise. 3S.
  7. tnx for your contribution, but no it isn't the trick I need. PC is still rebooting after install, and no the serial isn't in the program, after the reboot I give my serial manualy to the program, and there is no problem with it, and yes I now I write it exactly the same. After that I looked with regedit in the register, and there is no serial in it. I asume TMPGEnc DVD Author does it different as TMPGEnc Plus, while there is the Serial in the register. I hope some one can helpe me with this one.....
  8. Nope, in TMPGEnc Plus 2.5 it is, but in TMPGEnc DVD Author it is only the value Registrationcode with a long (not the serials as in Plus) string. I tried now several optieons to install it silent but no luck so far, anyone else a clue?
  9. Have some probs with TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6 I tried several ways but the results are poor. First I tried a setup with the original *.exe, and would so extract the setup.iss but there was no setup.iss after installing *.exe -R. Then I tried the option *.exe /a to create an server install point, this works and I get a nice *.msi file. I tried this to silent install but every time after install is ready, my pc is going to reboot Anyone who can help me out with this one? CLS @echo off ECHO. ECHO Installing TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6. ECHO Please wait... start /wait msiexec /i "%CDROM%\Software\TMPGEnc\TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6.msi" /qn SERIALNUMBER=XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX EXIT I would like at the sametime give my serial, because TMPGEnc put it not in the register, I've search the hole register but nothing..... O btw I tried also the switch /QN and that give me same result, a fine reboot after install.
  10. Nope nothing Again that dammed little screen that tells me that I must run the setup.exe. When running the setup.exe as you sugest, I get the InstallShield screen with the /L Sourcelanguage-id /S Dialogscreen hidden foruse off silent mode /S /v/qn /V Parameters for MsiExec.exe /UA<url to InstMsiA.exe> /UW<url to InstMsiW.exe> /UM<url to msi package> So will try the /S /v/qn this time Just tried this also nothing tried both the setup.exe and the msi file..........
  11. hmm prathapml, this doesn't the trick..... from the prompt I made a server image via: D:\Software\NortonGhost9\setup.exe /A After this I have indeed a .MSI file after running this via: "D:\Ghost_AIP\Ghost\Norton Ghost 9.0.msi" /QB REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS I get a little screen from Norton that tells me that I must run the MSI install from SETUP.EXE So it doesn't works...... Any other options??
  12. Well I tried several things, thirst of all a search on the forum, but no luck. Ghost has a setup.exe file and a .msi file. The setup.exe is a installshield, and thirst of all I tried "setup.exe -R" After the install, in my Windows folder were no setup.iss After a tip, I tried the switch "setup.exe /QB REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS" This result in a screen from InstallShield. In here were some parameters I can use. I will try to translate, because my install language is Dutch. /L Sourcelanguage-id /S Dialogscreen hidden foruse off silent mode /S /v/qn /V Parameters for MsiExec.exe /UA<url to InstMsiA.exe> /UW<url to InstMsiW.exe> /UM<url to msi package> After read this I thougt Hmmm it looks simpel WRONG thougt. I tried from the prompt on my test machine: C:\NortonGhost\setup.exe /S /v/qn Nothing happens C:\NortonGhost\setup.msi /S /v/qn Here came again a Windows Installer screen. So is there anyone that will help me out?
  13. Hi, Yes indeed, after the install, and after registering Dreamweaver, I export the "[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Macromedia\Dreamweaver\7\Registration]" in my registry. That is the way I did it.
  14. I did it with notebook well I will give my sample: CODE Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Macromedia\Dreamweaver\7\Registration] "Serial Number"="XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX" "Validation"="XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" "Register"="1" "Location"="C:\\Program Files\\Macromedia\\Dreamweaver MX 2004\\Dreamweaver.exe" "UserName"="What Ever" "Company"="Someone.org" Like you can see by looking at the use of setup.iss I did first a install on my pc with the regular DreamWeaver setup.exe /R after this in C:\Windows was my setup.iss don't forget this, after register the program, I export in regedit the [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Macromedia\Dreamweaver\7\Registration] I hope this is enough for you.
  15. Thanks prathapml, This wil help, and yes I'm using XP Pro with IEexplorer. I thought that it would be somthing like that, only my English isn't so good. I couldn't find the English/Dutch name for the browser in this case thus iexplorer.exe I wouldn't forget it....... Thanks again.
  16. Hi all, After a long search, I wil ask it here. Below my code for the silent install of DreamWeaver MX 2004. It installs silent, but after the install it opens a welcome/readme form, it is a .htm form, is there something for to close this automatic?? ECHO. ECHO Registering DreamWeaver MX 2004 ECHO Please wait... REGEDIT /S %systemdrive%\install\dreamweaver.reg ECHO. ECHO Installing DreamWeaver MX 2004 ECHO Please wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Programs\Dreamweaver\Setup.exe -s -f1"%systemdrive%\install\Programs\Dreamweaver\setup.iss"
  17. Hi, Thanks for this msi, it works fine here. I tested on my system where no winamp was installed. My complements.
  18. Yes, and here you can find more over PsTools
  19. Yep, that was also my result after trying. It seems logical, a virtual pc on a vpc

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