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  1. Same problem here. Wonder why I haven't noticed this before.. Using nLite 0.99.5b3 RyanVM's Windows XP Post-SP2 Update Pack 1.0.4 @HULK: Windows @ C, Program Files @ C, Documents and Settings @ D, tried and having same problem when DaS dir @ C too... This is weird.. Br, DjFin
  2. It's at HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx so it's installed during first login. (login is automatic)
  3. There is no choice. This project is just for making fully unattended installation for those apps/drivers I have wrote in 1st post. Drivers are integrated using nLite and apps are installed from runguionce at first login. hmm. Don't know answer to this. I don't even have DVD drive. All stuff are packed to 1 CD in this project.. heh, it's little over 600 MB at the moment. Let see if I have to make CD change or will it be 1 CD at the final state..
  4. Please! I have a HP Deskjet 3820, and it must be done identically! I think! Thanks in advance! Yep, this was hard. I made the installation using AutoIt v3 from http://www.hiddensoft.com/AutoIt/ so it's not driver integration, it's just automated installation You need to install that first. Then copy drivers .exe from hp.com Then do normal install but keep autoit window spy running and make instructions to you from autoit window spy's information about screens and texts and what you pressed etc.. Then you need to do AutoIt script based on your instructions.. This ain't easy task but you'll manage to do it if your read instructions carefully. See example scripts of autoit and you know how to do it. I'll check my script later and send it to you if you need it, but I think you still have to make own because of different printer.. Edit: my script: printer3325.au3
  5. @all Finally got some time to do this project further.. Still need for more information. If you know answers to my problems (see first mail) please instruct me.. @redmask Yep, I'm going to write full diary about this project but now I don't have much time to this but if you want to know someting, just ask.. I'll might be have enough time to help.. Or then somebody else will
  6. Heh, I misunderstood then. I thought that it doesn't work at all
  7. Hmm.. This sounds interesting problem. I did follow instructions at http://unattended.msfn.org/xp/office2003_slipstreaming.htm and http://unattended.msfn.org/xp/office2003_advanced.htm and Slipstreamed+added 1 hotfix and Office Update works normally.. Br, Dj
  8. I had to move this project to forward couple of days/weeks.. Other more important projects came.. Still need more info to solve some problems with this project, see my first post. Br, Dj
  9. When i'm done all the tasks mentioned in first post i'm gonna post my diary and instructions how did I do all the tasks. There's nothing more to "release" in this kind of projects
  10. Hiyah again, Got some more work done.. Still need lots of information.. Check BOLD lines at my first post. Any help is great news for me Thanks, Dj
  11. WHy 5.01? 5.05 is out and contains it's security fix. It was just a typo
  12. Uh, time to sleep... Lots of apps are go as you can see at first post I edited.. crahak: nice idea.. maybe for v3.0 i'll do more.. For this project I want to have everything to work B) (It's just second time I'm doing this.. First CD was just slipstreamed+nLited) Got bunch of problems or maybe I just didn't search enough.. But now.. ZZzzzzZZZZzzZZ Back tomorrow! --- Dj
  13. Got some work done.. See my first post RyanVM: I know, some like daughters, some like mothers..
  14. It's about time to start my Windows XP Unattended project version 2.0 Goal of this project is to make unattended Win XP installation disk(s) to my system. Feel free to comment or give me feedback about this project. I'm going to update this post when doing this. [DONE] Windows XP SP2 Slipstreaming [DONE] RyanVM's Windows XP SP2 Update Pack [DONE] Removing un-needed components [DONE] Driver integration: Samsung SyncMaster 750s monitor [DONE] Driver integration: ATI Catalyst [DONE] Driver integration: Realtek LAN [DONE] Rest of ATI product installation (control panel) [DONE] Driver integration: SP128 sound card [DONE] Driver installation: HP DeskJet 3325 printer [DONE] Adding 2 users [DONE] Adding RegTweaks [DONE] Office 2003 installation [DONE] Office 2003 SP1 slipstreaming [DONE] Office 2003 HotFix integration [DONE] Office 2003 shrinking [DONE]SUN Java (RyanVM's pack) (Changed from MS... Happy RyanVM? ) [DONE]MicroSoft MediaPlayer 10 [DONE]Acrobat Reader 6.02 [DONE] WinAmp 5.05 installation [DONE] WinRAR 3.40 installation [DONE] Ad-aware installation [DONE] DAEMON tools installation [DONE] AC3 Filter installation [DONE] Cole2K media codec pack installation [DONE] ffdshow installation [DONE] SpyBot Search % Destroy installation [DONE] BSPlayer installation [DONE] Restore my documents for 2 users [uN-DONE] Kerio Personal Firewall installation + configuration Installation ok, but how to restore old (good) configuration? [DONE] Norton Antivirus 7.61 Corporate Edition installation + updating [DONE] SmartFTP client installation [DONE] TeamSpeak client installation + configuration [DONE] TeamSpeak server installation + configuration [uN-DONE] Miranda IM installation Unattended switches? How to copy 2 differend profiles to 2 users? *[uN-DONE] Easy CD-DA Extractor installation Unattended switches? *[uN-DONE] K9 spam filter installation+configuration Installation ok but how to copy my configuration? *[uN-DONE] Restore mail-accounts+mails for MS Outlook for 1 user How? *[uN-DONE] Restore mail-accounts+mails for MS Outlook express for 1 user How? [uN-DONE] Configuration of desktop+shortcuts etc. This is ok, doing it after all others done [uN-DONE] BootScreen editing This is ok, doing it after all others done [uN-DONE] LogonScreen editing This is ok, doing it after all others done [DONE] Theme editing [uN-DONE] Installation screen editing This is ok, doing it after all others done * marks means that I haven't solved that part yet or/and I need help with that so please if you know the answer or any help.. POST IT ---- Dj
  15. You need to install em both separately. Easiest way is to integrate driver installation to windows installation by using nLite and then install control panel using iss file at CPanel directory. (IMHO) br, DJ

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