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  1. I got 8 internal HDDs connected. 5x Samsung HD154UI (SATA), 1x HD103UI (SATA), 1x 500GB WD (system, 2 partitions) and 160GB WD (both IDE), 1 USB-Stick connected to install Windows from No USB card readers no other external mass storage devices connected It's a Desktop. Motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-M720-US3
  2. I'm gonna call it a night now. It's past 2am over here... I hope you got some postive news for me when I get back good night for now.
  3. Type one by one: find --set-root --ignore-cd /WINSETUP/XPpSP3.ISO (hd1,0) root (hd0,0) filesystem type is ntfs, partition type 0x07 map /WINSETUP/XPpSP3.ISO (0xff) || map --mem /WINSETUP/XPpSP3.ISO (0xff) Error 15: File not Found (when written as in code. when i write just "/winsetup/xppsp3.iso" (don't use Shift-key i mean), i just get a new command line.) map (hd0) (hd1) new command line map (hd1) (hd0) new command line map --hook new command line root (0xff) filesystem type is iso9660, using whole disc chainloader (0xff)/I386/SETUPLDR.BIN Error 15: File not found (when wriiten "/i386/setupldr.bin") Will boot NTLDR from drive=0xff, partition=0xff(hidden sectors=0x0) (when written "/I386/SETUPLDR.BIN") Yeah, I'd love to know that too
  4. "find /usbdrive.tag" gives "hd(0,0)" I'm not sure about the first one. When I enter I get If you mean another key, then I'm not familiar with it (it seems to be a cross-over between / and ( though, but i don't know how to produce it).
  5. so I don't know if i did this right. I entered grub4dos like you said. I entered "root" and pressed TAB I get "possible commands are: root rootnoverify" and a new command line. when I write "ls /bootws/", i get "1.lst 2.lst 3.lst 4.lst 5.lst 6.lst 7.lst 8.lst fd.lst" when I write "ls /winsetup/" I get "XPpSP3 XPpSP3.ISO"
  6. hey, yeah, the usbdrive.tag is there (size: 0 bytes). I extracted the 7z file using winrar 3.9x and when i run "test with QEMU" it seems to be working. thx again for the quick reply.
  7. here are the files, as requested... thx for the quick reply. stick-files.zip
  8. evening everyone, i just learned about this great tool today and i thought, I'd try it on an old computer I have (no CD/DVD-drive installed). I created a bootable USB-Stick using v.1.0-b7 and it created the stick just fine. So when I was starting the computer, i went into Bios and selected the stick for first boot device. So far, so good. I get to the first and 2nd screen and select "first step of XP install" option. And then in the Command line screen all i get is "Error 8: Kernel must be started before Setup". Any help would be much appreciated
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