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  1. waiting eagerly ;)

    plz how to let Xpize make SP3 theme patch un uA installation of SP3?

    The UxTheme.dll patcher built-in to xpize 5 supports Windows XP from RTM through to SP3, and you can only install xpize 5 on an SP3 system so there would never be a case where you'd install SP3 after installing xpize, unless you're refering to XPize 4.7, which I recommend uninstalling before installing SP3, or better yet: reformat your system.

    am using Xpize5b6 via the patching method but even though I still can't apply unsigned MS themes like (Luna Roayle)

    why we can't let xpize make a default theme for us?

  2. Has anyone attempt to successfully sllpstreamed XPize 5.5 with SP3 with .NET installed with Nlite. I have unsuccessfully attempted this Nlite directly into an ISO, but receive errors about uxtheme.dll. I have SFC disabled and Unsigned Themes Supported enabled in Nlite v1.4.9.1.

    I have also attempted to use a addon with /S /norestore /noboot /notask in the INF file. This results in an install screen from Xpize which means the installer is ignoring the switches. If I proceed with the Install, it installs Xpize, but the install screen dialog results with the only option to reboot ("Cancel: greyed out). If I choose the reboot option, this puts the Xpize installer into a loop. If I forcibly reboot, the XP install restarts, and the Xpize install screen during the install process begins again.

    I also went to the Anolis WEB site to see if there was any clue on using silent package install. No luck though. I also attempted use Universal Extractor-v 1.6 from http://legroom.net/software/uniextract because sometimes this will give you a clue on how to open a installer package. This did not work either.

    The above secenario leaves out the option of using 'runoncex" method, because of the reboot issue.

    I really like Xpize, and would like to integrate it into a XP silent install package. Any clue would be greatly appreciated.



    me too found Nlite complaining about the uxtheme.dll, don't know whyy

    Slipstreaming is a must for me

  3. in Xpize 4.7, when I slipstream it ion to the source, there will be a text file called

    XPize.txt in i386

    in wihch I can know it's xpized

    in Xpize5, I can't see such text file

    please re-add in Xpize5R6

  4. excuse me

    desktop still loads while WPI is working!

    which $OEM should I download with this version

    another thing, when WPI start installing the application

    I need the Words (Failed) in red and the Word (Succeful) in Green

    how to do that?

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