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  1. Is it possible to be an issue the fact that I made the stick bootable, running the program from a machine that is running windows 7? I think this could be a possible cause when I tried to make an bootable xp stick and getting the missing ntldr file
  2. I have two partitions, created in advance with the windows setup disk, before instaling the windows the first time. I have deleted only the window partition an created again. No GUI mode available when booting from USB disk, and yes I still get the same menu as before if I boot it. I mention that before I used the same metode to install the windows but with a stick created from a friend. I followed his indication when creating my own stick, but still same error I get. I really don't know what is the problem here.
  3. Not quite sure what option 1 and 2 would be. Please add the following files to a zip archive and attach it with your next post:1) From USB stick menu.lst and winsetup.lst 2) from program directory- winsetupfromusb.log, if you have used the program after you added that source old logs are cab compressed and moved to \backup folder. Find the relevant ones. What version of the program did you use?What drive letter did the USB stick have when Setup displayed disk and partitions? Attach winsetupfromusb.log file, read above for details. I'm using 1.06, the usb stick has the U letter driverWinSetupFromUSB.rar
  4. Hi, I'm having the following issue: i made the bootable stick. boots the stick, format the partition, the windows starts copying the files, and then comes the usually first restart. But after the restart the windows doesn't start and it says that ntldr is missing. What did I do wrong? Please help me
  5. No. The general idea is that you have a valid source as .iso and the programs "transforms" it for USB usage. If the source misses the drivers, the target also will. (there are other ways/utiluties/whatever to do this) If you are making a "specific DELL (model xy)" USB stick, ONLY meant to install windows XP on the given make/model, you just integrate the specific drivers, otherwise you integrate the Mass Storage section of the BTS driverpacks: http://driverpacks.net/ http://driverpacks.net/docs/beginners-guide-windows-xp (BASE+Mass Storage) so that you will cover most (if not all) common hardware. jaclaz thank you for the help. this was really helpful. also thanks for the links, i think i can manage them now.
  6. Have you integrated the SATA drivers for that Dell (if it has a SATA disk)? jaclaz no i didn't. Is there an option on the program to do that?
  7. Hi, I've tried to install the xp from stick, on a Dell notebook, and when i get to the part where i have to specify the partition to install the windows, there is no partition except the usb stick. I just have formatted the stick and then just added the files on it, without doing anything else from other menus like, bootice or rmprepusb. Should I have to do something else before to be able to see all the partition of the harddisk?
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