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  1. Image is Windows 7 SP1 but when I install Windows from this image in Windows Update I have KB2533552. THIS IS my dism.log file.
  2. Hi all. When I tried integrate KB2533552 update: DISM.exe /image:d:\7Work\wim /add-package /packagepath:d:\7Work\updates I got "Error: 0x800f082e". How integrate this update properly? Regards.
  3. But how to do this? I mount install.wim and where are older versions of the same KB? I do not understand. I have one install.wim. How I Can '"exporting all images to new wim"? Can I please for instructions?
  4. Hi. I have Windows 7 All Version x86 i x64 on my private once DVD. Size is 3,55 GB. I integrated all updates to January 2011. I used DISM with bat file: @echo off title .:: UPDATES ::. start /wait c:\Windows\system32\DISM.exe /image:d:\dismtool\wim /add-package /packagepath:d:\dismtool\updates After this ISO have... 4,77 GB and is too big for DVD. I have questions: Why after integration size is bigger? Old files should be overwritten by new and size should be comparable. What now?
  5. Hi. I`m new and sorry for by poor English I have two problems. 1.) Yesterday I tried integrate 'aka KB patch' for Windows 7. I used this command: DISM.exe /image:d:\dismtool\wim /add-package /packagepath:d:\dismtool\updates\XXXXX.msu First 11 patch integrated correctly. But KB977074 not. I have error. This is my dism.log: click Why this KB do not integrated correctly? 2.) How I can integrate Service Pack 1 RTM to my Windows 7 DVD? Regards, and please reply.