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  1. Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I figured this would be the best way of getting the correct information on the query. I have managed to get a working MultiWim USB drive but I am having issues with getting my custom Wim's to install from the drive. The install wim file from the source DVD works fine and runs through with no problems. As soon as I launch a custom wim installation I get: Windows cannot open the required file E:\7-32\custom.wim. Make sure all source files required for installation are available, and restart the installation. Error code: 0x8007000B I have made some slight changes to the structure of the Multiboot drive. I have 6 different boot wims referenced from a modified bcd store. The base files for the boot folder are from a Windows 7 Professional SP1 64Bit DVD. The reason for the modification to the drive structure is to accomodate the number of different OS's I manage. I have a boot.wim for each version of Windows (7, 8 and 10) and each architecture (32bit and 64bit) My boot folder looks like this: 7-32.wim 7-64.wim 8-32.wim 8-64.wim etc.. These all work perfectly for the default install.wim Each OS's install wims are located in seperate folders based on their respective architecture and OS 7-32, 7-64, 8-32 etc.. I modified the StartSetup.cmd to look for these files before placing it in the boot.wim. This allows me to have the correct installation environment running for the version of windows I am running. The error is only displayed after trying to install a custom wim. Does any one have any ideas what might be causing this problem and how I might be able to fix it?
  2. Sorry Jaclaz Didn't want to ruffle any feathers. I only posted on here as this site has been a huge help for me with multibooting in the past. I will look into the floppy image as you have suiggested. Thanks again
  3. Hi all Sorry if this has been asked previously but i am in a rush. I have got a working multiboot USB Drive which installs WinXP and Win7 successfully. I have also got multiple applications and iso's on here. One of the isos i have got is a bootable version of netbootdisk. I use this quite regularly for ghosting machines and it works very well. The iso is only small but it has a limitation. If i need to add a driver to it i have to extract the contents of the iso, edit the files and rebuild the iso. This is quite time consuming as not only does the iso need extracting there is a uha archive which needs exctracting in order for me to edit the files. all the iso does is launch an autoexec.bat file to start the netbootdisk. What i am asking is this: Is it at all possible to launch this autoexec.bat from the grub menu? Thanks
  4. It's not so much that i'm bothered per say, it's just that i like to be able to work quickly and having a huge amount of folders in the root of my external drive slows me down a little. If it does start to become tedious and complicated i will just forget it as a bad idea. Do you know which files need editing for windows 7 too? Cheers
  5. REALLY sorry for the delayed response. Not looked at this issue for a few days now. I am using Winsetup 1.0 beta 6. thanks
  6. Hi Just a quick question about the folder structuring. I wish to have my Installation Sources inside a folder called Installs. I only have 2 Sources for install, Win XP Pro and Win 7 Pro. I have used WinSetupfromUSB to create the bootable drive but due to me having extra apps and folders on the drive i wanted to tidy it up a bit. What is the easiest way for me to do this? Cheers
  7. Thanks for your response, just tried to make all the files and folders hidden and it completes the Text based part of the installation but then gets stuck in a loop on the second part. If i make them visible files again it works. To this end i am wondering if it is at all possible to put all the Installation files in a folder called Installation or will this completely screw up the installation routines? I am ok with editing any files that may need altering to accomodate the change in file structure.
  8. Hi Everyone I have been using WinSetupfromUSB a while now and have got to the point where i would like to include things within the post installation routine. I have got both Windows 7 and Windows XP set as installation sources and i was hoping to have an application run upon first boot within both OS's. I am of the understanding that editing winnt.sif within the I386 folder for XP will allow me to run an application using the GUIRUNONCE section however all the references for this that i have seen mention %systemdrive%. The problem with this is that the app i wish to run is 2GB+ in size so copying it to the root of the target machine is not an option. I have been thinking that i can just use the following but i'm not 100% sure as i have been unable to test it: [GUIRUNONCE] "U:\DriverInstaller\DriverInstaller.exe" Is this correct? If so, how do i accomplish the same thing within Windows 7? My final question for this post is about Hidden Files. I wan to store other applications/files on the same drive as the Installation sources. If i make these existing files Hidden will the drive still boot and install correctly? Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

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