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  1. I remove & setup it again but it still appear
  2. I do again but it appear again
  3. Had to sleepOk then it is there and works. That sets permission on files Add the right click .wim. make sure you choose correct image number 1, 2, ?? Shutdown Se7en_UA right click on uaDVD\sources\install.wim Unmount *.* NO SAVE zMountDir zMountDir Cleanup 1 + Reg zMountDir Cleanup 2 + Reg Delete zMountDir Delete Se7en_UA.ini and restart. Now attach here I think we have spaces in paths OK !! Let me check for it ! Thanks
  4. Yes ! I using Se7en_UA6.3.33 final for XP Vista.zip And u say open a cmd prompt and type icacls /? What it mean ? I don't know more English, Sr ? Can u explain for me I type that and see more line to do but i don't know how it works
  5. Thanks tmtuong I am still trying things so here is a new version. Just install over the top and it will pick up where you were. 'Se7en_UA.exe 6.5.3: March 02, 2011, 7:16:34 AM ' Fix desktop.ini in several locations to be hidden so they don't show up like in Favorites. ' If you mod boot.wim it will compress to eliminate the [Files] folder from the .wim ' Added DRM fix ' If you use Media player try open this file with it. http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=166118 ' Correct ini creation to include other section I have a problem like this : I trying to do the Finalize Image After mount the instal.wim !! The problem appear like Attachments file I using Windows XP SP2 !! Please help me !! Last step Thanks MAX again
  6. Special Thanks to you, Max It is a amazing development software Thanks again Keep working
  7. How can I do like this

    OK !! I found it ! But u say stole so heavy and i think i don't setup or stole it !! My friend make it and send to me about his product And i want to have another product but something like him so I request u how to do that !! But thank you that u spent your time to help me !! Wish u happy
  8. How can I do like this

    I don't know more English i can't understand what "warez" mean If u ask about the product of this Billboard ! I can say that it from my friend's product And I think it not alow in winntbbu
  9. How can I do like this

    I don't understand what u mean !! U can't help me ?? That is ? OK !! I just request some help from MSFN !! Sorry about that
  10. How can I do like this

    No ones can help me Please ! Help me just one time
  11. Hi there !! I have a Setup Billboard like this !! It's like windows 7 setup but it don't load the process and the time is runing out Like this Anyones can help me P/s: I'm a Vietnamese so can't speak more English !! Sorry