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  1. Some sound arguments, and of course sandboxing any internet apps is always a good idea on an officially obsolete OS. However, I would not be entirely comfortable installing unofficial updates that have been reversed engineered from official updates designed for Windows XP, no matter how stable they might be. Has whoever backported XP updates for Win2K, been given any authorisation from Microsoft to do this? I would guess MS might be turning a blind eye to this if they're already aware of it, but nothing can stop them changing their minds and issuing cease and desist letters against it. Ultima
  2. I have to ask those of you still using Windows 2000 ... why use an obsolete OS that's no longer supported by anyone, and no longer receives any security updates from Microsoft? If you're using an older machine that cannot handle a modern OS like Windows 7, at the very least you should upgrade your PC to Windows XP, since it still has a little over 2 years of security updates support before that too joins Windows 2000 as an officially obsolete OS. Don't get me wrong here ... Windows 2000 was a fantastic OS in it's time, but the time to move on is long overdue. Security updates ended over 18 mon
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