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  1. I get the same error dialog after installing the latest DirectX; can't locate any NVIDIA graphics chips... (EDIT: And I still get the protection error if I try to install the drivers manually)
  2. The problem I'm running into now is no longer relevant to this thread. Whenever I try to run the NVIDIA installer for 81.98 (or any earlier revision that supports Windows 9X and the 6X00 series) I get an error, saying that the installer could not "locate any NVIDIA graphics chips." I searched around for the error and found that people needed to extract the files and install the drivers manually, but when I tried that I started getting protection errors because of "VXDLDR.vxd" I checked the driver info and Windows 95 isn't allocating NEARLY as much RAM for the Display Driver as Windows 98SE is,
  3. I figured it out! It's not a problem with your patch at all, it's DEFINITELY a problem with my hardware configuration. I know this because I fixed it I had to remove "Plug and Play BIOS" from my System Devices. That did the trick. Now I just need to figure out how to coax these graphics drivers to install...
  4. When I open up FIX95CPU.iso, I only see one file, dun14-95.exe. When I open it as an archive in 7zip, I don't see any of the files you mentioned. This doesn't make sense to me, though, because I could swear that when I use FIX95CPU it says it installs correctly. Where do I find the individual files? Yes, I tried re-using FIX95CPU after I still had the protection error. Still got the protection error EDIT: Nevermind, I found them. I had to write the floppy image separately inside of Windows 98 I'll edit this post again when I learn of success or failure. EDIT AGAIN: Progress, but apparently
  5. According to CPU-Z, it's a Prescott. Windows 98SE installs and runs just fine on it, though; that's where I'm running CPU-Z from. I'll try to name as much as I can find out: Motherboard is ASUS P4C800E Deluxe Audio is SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio Network card is Intel Pro/1000 CT Network Card (the linux driver is called "e1000") GPU is NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra hardware version 161 There's some sort of PCI RAID Controller but I can't find it in the BIOS to disable it. It still shows up as an "Other device" in Windows 98. I've tweaked my BIOS heavily and tried many reinstalls with many co
  6. When the installation process said it was completed, I took out the Windows 95 CD and put in your patch CD, then I rebooted and followed the installation instructions. I did NOT see the protection error before using the patch. However, on a separate installation attempt, I tried to wait before using the patch and I don't remember if I got the exact same error but I know that I couldn't get to safe mode.
  7. Here's what I did: 1. Install Windows 95 to C:\ 2. Use LoneCrusader's patch for my CPU 3. Get a protection error on reboot with no other diagnostic information whatsoever The exact wording of the error: "Windows protection error. You need to restart your computer." That's the only line. When I try rebooting, I get the following prompt: 1. Normal 2. Logged (\BOOTLOG.TXT) 3. Safe Mode 4. Step-by-step confirmation 5. Command prompt only 6. Safe mode command prompt only (1) Does what you'd think: results in another protection error. (2) Results in a protection error, but I can't find BOOTLOG.TXT a
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