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  1. Thanks for the reply tomasz86! Hope your health improves soon and any issues you have will be a thing of the past
  2. thanks for that , the latest update solved my issues trying to install the needed updates for your excellent KernelEX
  3. excuse the dumb question but assuming one has a bog-standard SP4 installation, what update files I need to run for USP5.2 installation? Or atm the only package is the 5.1USP in /Gurgelmeyer/ folder?
  4. Hello! I have been messing with some really old pcs, a 386DX and a 486DX2 ... both have the same award BIOS btw.. It appears that in both machines 3.11 won't start if a UMB manager is activating UMB blocks. This happens with both EMM386 and TheLastByte managers... You can get 3.11 to load even with the above managers if you use the "DOS=NOAUTO" value on config.sys, without any HIGH/UMB parameters so DOS loads low. Ofcourse you don't get UMBs even with the managers running but 3.11 boots. I also tried adding EMMExclude=A000-FFFF to [386enh] or the /D:x switch, neither helped. I know this is old stuff but if you have any tips I will appreciate it Thanks in advance! edit: I forgot to add, I am using DOS7.1 (from 98SE) with a FAT32 drive... not so stock but it worked perfect with rloew's fat32 patch on a different 486 that had PCI slots and a way newer BIOS...
  5. nice project you have there jaclaz you inspired me to re-install Norton Desktop LOL , had to remove it though as it spoiled my nostalgia factor my goal of fiddling with 3.1x is pure nostalgia, mainly to play the couple of hundred original games that I own from 1989-1998 something... but I do like the "exploring" part too, it just makes some things more humane for now ((mainly FAT32)
  6. thanks for the analysis dencorso ! I have cloned my DOS HDD and use the olde ifshlp on it (still fat32/dos98se) and haven't had any problems yet... did many reboots, transfered/deleted/expanded files and had no corruption nasty surprises and scandisk always finishes with no errors... (Both file/disk access is 16bit though, 32bit-disk is grayed out and 32bit-file makes no difference in speed so I just left it unchecked) Perhaps that almost-1kb of size difference might be the code needed to get 3.11 to load it's networking functions... as a sidenote I really enjoy the 3.11 gui - not for it's functionality but for it's nostalgia reasons... my first ever pc (an IBM PS1/pro) came with 3.1 installed...
  7. Hello! after having troubles getting wfw3.11 networking to work I found that one needs to load 3.11's IFSHLP.SYS and not the one from win98 (assuming one works with DOS fron 98SE that has fat32 support: see thread here for the network problem) Now an important question is: Is wfw3.11 IFSHLP.SYS safe to use on a FAT32 formatted drive? I understand ifshlp is a a driver to make direct system calls to the filesystem, but I am wondering if a FAT32 partition could be damaged from this older IFSHLP.SYS ... As always comments/help are greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
  8. I have found the problem... it was IFSHLP.SYS I was using the one from win98SE and it loaded fine but it prevented the 3.11 network driver to work I tried the windows3.11 IFSHLP.SYS and networking worked at once... I will open a more important thread about IFSHLP.SYS and FAT32...
  9. Hiya!!! I started messing with win3.11 and installing them under a FAT32 partition with the help of W3XSTART ... all is well but I am unable to make the network work.... I always get the "The windows for workgroups network driver was unable to load" error on windows boot... (the NIC/PC is working fine under DOS with a packet driver, I have used both arachne and mTCP to transfer files , no problems whatsoever and trying 3.11 networking on the same setup, hadware and network structure) First of all I install the nic driver (a plain 8139D nic) I get the user/workgroup/computer name screen and username: user311 , workgroup: workgroup (same as win7/xp machines and computer name: win311) then I check the network settings which seem fine: and the overall network view: I reboot the pc and since I use a multi-config I just manually type "net start" before windows load: seems fine but when win311 boots I am always greeted with this: I have tried the "basic 3.11 network" setting that (to my understanding) switches to NDIS2 driver that loads a paket-like tsr when you type "net start" ... I see the extra info (card name, speed , address etc) but when I start windows this time there are a couple of BSOD's about vxd drivers that are not present and that my windows configuration is invalid. Then I get a smaller message telling me that network is not loaded. Is this because of the "win3.11 on fat32" install? Does networking need share.exe to be loaded? (I load ms's update of vshare.386 that says in the readme is a replacement for share.exe and you need to comment it out from autoexec.bat) Am I missing something vital here? I am doing the same things like this guide here: http://www.garethjmsaunders.co.uk/pc/net_wfwg_02_netbeui.html , it makes things look so easy! I know this is ancient stuff but any help/tips will be greatly appreciated, thanks!!!
  10. rloew , you just made my day! this is just awesome and indeed a way better solution that .bat files I have tried it and it works fine, directories do not get corrupted after exit and all work fine in this aspect , I will do some work in 3.11 and see how it goes as a sidenote I could not find the 2 patterns above in the addresses you specify , I have found them in these 2 places instead: it works but I hope I did not destroy something LOL once again, MEGA THANKS rloew !
  11. allright then so the only solution for now is the batch solution jumper suggested ?
  12. ah, thanks for the explanation rloew I have looked at your site but did not see the wrapper you mention, is there a way to get it? thanks for the info jumper, will come handy... but I don't understand the reboot.exe/root thingie, can you explain further what you mean by it?
  13. Hiya! I have successfully installed win3.11 on my p200mmx machine. This pc runs DOS from win98SE (windows deleted completely) and has a 8GB FAT32 single partitioned hdd. (been running my old DOS stuff this way for years) With the help of W3XSTART.EXE I patched IO.SYS and 3.11 runs great. The only problem is that when you exit it the directory listing is like this and no program from c:\windows can run again unless you change directory and do a dir there (example go to root of C:\ and dir) The HDD does not get corrupted, no files are lost. You just need to DIR another location to fix this. The limitation is that if you do not dir another location then you cannot immediately run something from c:\windows (for example an automated windows exit and restart fails) I don't use IFSHLP.SYS at all and even tried a specific win311 config that loads IFSHLP.SYS from their directory (as the newer dos one is not compatible) but it did nothing different... I would appreciate any help/tips on this in case someone remembers such old stuff Thanks in advance for any help!!!
  14. BIOS is already supporting LBA48 and I already install the patched ESDI_506.PDR on win98 setup , so the system uses it from the 1st boot. Now SP2 wants to install a different ESDI_506 that is actually older - and I don't really trust it over the patched one that I got from the thread here....

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