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  1. an amazing news.. i think its true... saw it at another forum... cheers... http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=stor...ple_malaysia_dc
  2. Hi, doing a quick check... which triband GSM modem is most popular in US? or which model do you like most? any triband GSM manufacturers in this forum?? by any chance. Cheers.
  3. An Artist @ work, Made in Photoshop

    Did u do this backwards...
  4. anyone got a good windows icon maker editing software to recommend?? free hopefully... thanks.
  5. DVD Video - Should I use +R or -R

    woh... i just read abt this stuff at another forum... can't rem which one though.. anyway... think the DVD+R one... you can adjust the bit settings if your player can't read it... so... more flexibility??
  6. Copy Protected WMA Files?

    seee http://www.dbpoweramp.com/ http://www.dbpoweramp.com/dmc.htm http://www.dbpoweramp.com/codec-central-mp4.htm www.hymn-project.org u can check hymn url's forum for more details. if u need.
  7. New iPod, what u think?

    saw the new one recently... i think its really cool... no wonder so many pp is grabbing it... but i think the "i river" one is cool too...
  8. MP3 sort in folders

    i am using winamp now.. unticking the id3tags will only temporary allow display of the songs' info on the playlist screen.... when i restart the program.... the ticks will be back... and i'll still not be able to see the songs' titles again.. any way to get around this? cheers...
  9. hi all..

    Newbie here.